Best Backup Camera Reviews

The latest modern rearview cameras are now so efficient in reducing the accident rates to approximately about 57%. You also need to think something regarding the rear visibility of your car. The following mentioned is the list of the best backup camera for you to assist you to select the best rearview cameras for your car.

1.    AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit Rear View Monitor and Rear Camera for Vans, Camping Cars, Trucks, RVs, Pickups


AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera Kit

  • Extra USB port
  • Easy installation due to wireless design
  • Hidden camera too


  • May have adjustment problems
  • It may not be suitable for very old cars.

Auto Vox M1W is a wireless parking camera system that can throw away the regular traditional wiring and this wireless camera doesn’t need you to struggle anymore with wires.


It has a wide-angle and has a high-quality clear image due to which you can even look at a wide angle of 170 degrees.

The product is well packaged and is the best option for you to solve almost all of your car parking problems. It provides the car drivers with a real-time reverse image that is of high quality and high definition to let the driver see what’s behind the car. This is something that ensures your safety and can easily help you park your car even if space is narrowed.

Due to the camera being wireless, there are no more complex wiring problems. The camera and monitor are interconnected to a transmission that is wireless so you don’t need to worry more about the usually complicated wiring. This is why you will not face any problem while installing the camera.

The camera is waterproof and this makes you free from all the tension related to any damage to the camera after car wash or rain. The camera has a superior night vision which lets you have a clear reverse image even in the night times when the is no light around so that you can see the things clearly.

This is the best ever backup camera that you can have for your car having a monitor to mount tightly on the dashboard of the car so that you may have no problem in seeing back.

Auto-Vox wireless rear view camera install & review


  1. Wireless Backup Camera System, IP69k Waterproof Wireless License Plate Rear View Camera, Night Vision and 4.3-inch Wireless Monitor for Trailer, RV, Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Cargo Vans, etc


  • Stable signals even in high speed
  • Easy installation
  • Wide viewing angle


  • The monitor may have troubles in installation
  • The working temperature has limits

This wireless backup camera is made without any interference and has high definition image results to let you see even in dark.  The transmit distance is also more than 200ft in an open place.

This wireless camera is perfect to have for ultimate safe parking.

Even when the car speed crosses 60mile, the car camera works the same and the signals also remain stable.  The camera is highly environmentally friendly and has a rearview being anti-vibrant.

It also has the corrosion ability and the camera is water-resistant so it remains safe even in rain and stormy weather.

The camera is made up of zinc-based materials and has the night vision of almost 20ft so that the vision may be made clearer. For safe driving, the camera has a wide viewing angle of 140 degrees to let you watch all around while reversing. The camera is easy to install having the wireless monitor of 4.3’’ with the wireless receiver module.

There is a guideline too which can be off and on with the help of a button. The Monitor may take some time to be installed but once it’s installed, it starts working properly.

Only a screwdriver would be enough for easy installing the camera. However, there is a special offer too which brings three ways to install the camera and the monitor. You can use different models for this reversing camera.

The camera is completely a safety package for your easy parking and car reverse in an affordable cost and long life span.

  1. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Reverse Rearview Cam Digital Signal 2018 Update for Truck/Trailer/Bus/RV/Pickups/Camper/Motorhome/Van When Reversing Parking Backing Up E1


  • No interference
  • Stable signals
  • 140 angle gold point of view


  • The voltage range may differ from car to car

eRapta is a digital wireless backup camera that has recently been updated into a new model having 28 IR light cam with a monitor of about 7’’.

The camera has a recent update of 2nd generation digital no interface wireless settings with a smooth and stable signal even when the car is moving on a faster speed.

The camera has a rearview and the updated sensors, infrared lights and the waterproof standards which keep the camera safe from any rain or stormy weather. The wide-angle of 140 gold lets you have a completely safe and confident reversing.  The camera is installed easily with a monitor of 7’’ and the camera packaged box has a guide book too so that you can install it easily.

Along with a user manual, therein installation kit too in the package which will let you put less time in the installation of the camera. Once the camera and the monitor have been plugged rightly, it will start working in the proper way. You don’t need to turn on the monitor every time while reversing, it will rather be turned on by itself every time.

The camera is highly compatible with any type of vehicle and has the voltage range that keeps on differing based upon the type of vehicle the camera is installed in. The vehicle could be a semi-trailer, a box truck, a trailer, a 5th wheel, and even a bus.

This is the must to have backup camera along with a money-back guarantee and 24 months replacement warranty too in case of any defect or satisfaction of the person due to any valid reason.

  1. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit, No Interference, IP69 Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera + 7’’ LCD Wireless Reverse Monitor for Rv/Truck/Trailer/Bus/Pickup/Van (W01-7 inch)


  • Comes with an online digital installation guide
  • Easy to install
  • Wide-angle camera


  • Less compatibility of monitor
  • Changing voltages

The Zeroxclub digital backup wireless camera has its complete online guide on youtube which helps you to install the camera and monitor.

You can contact the manufacturer directly in case of any issue of the problem.

The camera has totally been upgraded with 100 percent no interference and is of 2nd generation having Smooth signals and clear image resolution so that you can reverse the car easily by seeing all around. The camera works in its normal position even if the car crosses speed 110 miles. The camera has a rearview with CCD processors and 18 infrared lights that make the vision superior in dark times and it’s water-resistant standards make it even safer in the rain and tough weather conditions.

The ZEROXCLUB has got the gold angle view that helps you have a more confident and safe reverse. The camera takes no time in installation as well as it’s monitor. Once the monitor and camera are plugged in, the monitor starts working. You don’t need to turn on the camera every time you reverse your car as it will be turned on by itself.

The voltage range of the camera may differ as per the type of vehicle it is installed on. You can install it on any type of vehicle like a Bus, trailer, 5 wheels, box truck, and semi-trailer, etc.

The ZEROXCLUB is the best backup camera in an affordable budget to help you in parking and reversing your car. It stands through rain and tough weather conditions too, thus it has a long life.

  1. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera


  • Compatible with almost all the kinds of GPS navigators
  • Video transmission limit is more than 45ft


  • It needs professional installation
  • Have visibility issues in the night time

The BC 30 wireless camera is highly compatible with any type of GPS navigators and it can easily spot people, vehicles or any obstruction present behind your vehicle at the time of reversing.

If you have a navigator then that’s good but in other case, you need to buy the navigator separately.

You must have a high quality backup camera like this Garmin BC 30 which enhancing the rearward visibility for all or the car drivers who have this camera installed in their cars. It helps in lessening the chance of blind zone accidents which happen normally when the cars are in their reverse mode.

The camera just needs to be paired with a portable GPS navigator and once it is paired, it starts spoting people, vehicles and all the other obstructions coming behind your vehicle when you are reversing it. The camera is basically wired with the reverse lights of your car so it takes power from there. You don’t need to turn it on every time you need it, it’s automatic.

Other than connecting the camera with the reverse light which are not a constant source of power for the camera, you can connect it with some constant source of power so that you can simply and easily toggle among the backup display modes and the navigation display modes just by pressing a single button. The transmitter when is connected to the camera, it will sent the footage to the receiver that is captured within the said limits of the camera.

This is a perfect to have backup camera but you are required to get it installed through some professional and have a safe car reverse every time.

  1. iStrong Backup Camera and Monitor Kit Wire Single Power Supply For Whole System Rear View/Constantly View License Plate Reverse Camera For Car/SUV/Vehicle/Pickup Waterproof Night Vision Guide Lines


  • HD picture quality in day timings.
  • Water resistant
  • High quality night images


  • Monitor display size is less as compared to several other options
  • Can be overheated

iStrong backup camera is a perfect to have rearview reverse camera having it’s installation guide online.  The monitor and the camera are auto powered and gets turned on and off themselves.

The screen picture is HD in the day timings moreover it has a high quality vision in dark too.

The camera is waterproof so it stands through all the tough weather conditions and in car wash too. The system is light to work on a single power supply, too, even if it has to work constantly while the car is being driven. The camera comes with a two-year warranty.

There is an instruction manual, too, in the camera packaging.  The monitor of the camera has got a removable pedestal with adhesive foam so that it can be mounted safely on the flat surfaces. The pedestal can be removed if wanted.

The system is easy to install and is normally connected to the reverse lights of the vehicle for power purpose and is automatically turned on with the reverse gear. You can even connect the system to some separate power resource having 12v of power with a power point, a cigarette lighter, or any ignition switch for constant use.

The camera is IP68 water resistant and has high quality HD plated license with a viewing angle of 135 degree. Moreover it has got 7 LED lights too. A direct wire is provided in the system package which connects the camera directly to the monitor.  The monitor can have two video inputs at a time. Normally the V2 input is used as a second option for safety.

The two year warranty of the camera makes it a perfect to have system for your vehicle in an affordable budget and added features.

  1. Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit + 7″ TFT LCD Monitor Parking Assistance System for Truck/Van/Caravan/Trailers/Camper


  • Can be fulltime connected
  • Full colored 7inch LCD
  • Water resistant


  • Incompatible with some old models of vehicles

The system works automatically when the car is reversed and you can roof mount or dash mount the monitor as per your choice.

You can also connect a second wire to the camera as a second option to make it work continuously while driving.

Camecho truck backup camera has a 18 LED IR night vision which is water resistant and has no guide line.  The rearview camera functions automatically in the night vision with it’s 18 IR LED when there is less light in the surroundings.  You still need to be careful in driving at bad days or nights. The limit of camera in complete darkness is about 50ft.

The camera is hard metal cased and it’s high quality materials make it mud and shock proof.  It works in a continuous process without heating up too early. The camera has a working power range for all parts that is suitable in almost all the kinds of new modeled vehicles.

It has a wireless unit too having the transmission range of between 20-60fy while the frequency remains to 2370MHZ.  In open roads the system has the working range more than 40ft to 100 ft. It’s suitable too vans, campers, farmer cars, trailers, trucks and all the moderate sized vehicles.

The camera has a wireless transmitter and receiver with 2 channel video support monitor and hard metal body making it have a durable life.

  1. Upgrade Backup Camera Monitor Kit,1024X600 HD,IP69 Waterproof Rearview Reversing Rear View Camera 7’’ LCD Reversing Monitor Truck/Semi-Trailer/Box Truck/RV — HD Transmission, Four-pin — DVKNM (TZ101)


  • Two camera support in one monitor
  • Color HD backup camera
  • Water and dust proof


  • May get heated soon

The system has the monitor with resolution of 1024 x 600 and the image of digital quality. The image now won’t be color casted.

The camera has the added feature of 18 LED infrared lights which helps you seeing the situation behind the vIt ehicle in dark while reversing.

It’s an upgraded truck backup camera that takes a unique process to reach an amazing water resistance level so that you can feely drive the vehicle in rain too. The camera system has got the multiplexer control for the camera among the normal image and a mirror image which lets the connected cameras to be used either as a forward or a backup camera based on the option of use.

The reverse mode of the camera is more perfect than the forward mode as there comes an angle limit then in such case. The camera system has recently been updated with a viewing angle of 140 degree that is much more better than the others. However the vision and the view scales are also improved.

The back camera is highly durable because or it being waterproof. It even stands through with durable anti-corrosion. The camera has an additional layer of corrosive paints which keeps it safe in rain and abnormal exposures.  The monitor can switch to two video inputs v1 and v2. However you need connect the reed with the ACC so that the camera turns on\off automatically.

The camera is waterproof having an HD image quality, high quality night time display, two video options and a forward camera option too.  All these features makes it a must to have backup camera.

  1. Rear View Safety Wireless Magnetic Hitch Camera for Easy Hitching of Trailers, Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels | RVS-83112


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Better night vision
  • IP68 waterproof ratings


  • May get heated soon

The monitor and a hitch camera is connected with each other through a wireless connection that works in the limit of 70ft.

The camera system is easily installed with the two steps setup. You need to mount the camera to any metal surface because of its magnetic powers and the monitor is to be plugged in the right kind of cigarette lighter port.

The camera system has built-in 6 infrared lights which provide an amazing night vision to the driver even in the range of 30ft. The camera is completely water-resistant and has the IP68 water-resistant rating that is amazingly awesome. This lets the camera stand tough in all the weather conditions. The strong magnetic base of the camera lets it’s be mounted on any metallic surface.

You just need to attach the camera for better hitching. The monitor has the 3.5’’ colored display which is needed to be plugged in a lighter port to have a sharp colored image from the camera. The camera is wireless and this is the reason it can be mounted effortlessly.  It can work finely within the range of 70ft.

The camera and the monitor work automatically when the car is reversed and you don’t need to turn it on and off every time you need it. The camera is installed in the time of minutes and you don’t need any screws to install it.

This certainly is perfect to have a backup camera for people wanting to spend less time installing. Moreover, it is wireless to have no mess of wires.

  1. iBall 5.8GHz Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Rear View Camera LCD Monitor Fits Any Vehicle, Car or Truck


  • Easy view with 3.5’’ colored LCD
  • Industrial strength mounting
  • Highly durable and water-resistant


  • Limited uses

The camera system has the magnetic strength which means that it is wireless and is installed in the matter of minutes only.

It stands through all the weather conditions so it performs well in all the seasons in all the weathers.

This camera system has the compatibility of 5.8GHz wireless transmission due to which it doesn’t need 2.4GHz, blue tooth connection for a clear and better image result. It has limited uses and can be installed in some specific kinds of vehicles like livestock, ATV’s, Horse trailers, campers, boats, and trailers.

The camera system does’t need any professional assistance to get installed rather you can install it by yourself. You can enjoy the viewing range of more than 25ft wi, the help of that 5.8 GHz transmission.

The camera has the magnetic body due to which it can be mounted any were on a metallic surface. It doesn’t need any hardware installation.  Moreover it has a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 3 hours if used continuously.

It’s a perfect to have camera for the people who want to use it in limited purposes and have a bit costly budget to have a backup camera.