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Erapta Backup Camera Installation

Erapta Backup Camera Review

Backup cameras are an important investment to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. They act as an extra set of eyes that help you see around as you drive and park. Erapta backup camera is one of the options that you can get if you want to install a backup camera for your car. It helps you gain confidence over reversing as it gives a clear image of the setting. The backup camera supports rearview backing that supports advanced night vision with advanced sensors and infrared lights. Moreover, the camera is waterproof, making it ready to stand in almost all types of weather conditions. Make your vehicle secure with a car dash reverse backup security sensor camera that acts as an extra set of eyes behind. 

Erapta backup camera is compatible with a voltage ranging from 12-24V of DC power that allows the accommodation of many vehicles including large vehicles like Box truck, trailer, bus, semi-trailer, and more. The backup camera supports a 7-inch monitor that gives an HD image and supports a split-screen of up to 4 screens. It supports mirror and image rotation. Enjoy an easy installation of the camera. eRapta backup camera is for RVs, box trucks, trailers, semi-trucks, and other large vehicles.

Key Features

  • HD image quality and clear view
  • Monitor kit and rear-view backup camera
  • Voltage range of 12-24V
  • Supported with DC power
  • Suitable for large vehicles
  • 18 infrared lights for clear night vision
  • 4-split screen
  • Rotate function and mirror support
  • Waterproof design
  • Complete accessories and simple installation
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Wireless support


  • Simple and easy erapta backup camera installation
  • Wireless support gives freedom from the hassle of handling cables
  • HD and clear image quality make you confident while parking
  • 18 infrared lights support night vision and provide drivers a clear view in the dark
  • Reverse backup dash car sensor security camera for RVs and trucks give a safer drive as they act as an extra set of eyes behind the truck
  • The backup camera is flexible in terms of accommodation. It can accommodate a range of large vehicles like box trucks, trailers, buses, 5th wheel, and many more.
  • A Rearview camera or parking camera can help in parking the car without any risks of accidents
  • A perfect and clear vision allows you to avoid blind spots
  • Good coverage with a wide-angle view
  • 4 split screens allow clear, wide, and multiple views at the same time
  • The waterproof feature makes the backup camera suitable for all weathers


  • Does not support control of contrast, brightness, or color
  • Some may find the display to be small
  •  May need an extra cable, as the cable is short

Erapta backup camera is a perfect option for those who find parking a hard task, because these cameras act as an extra set of eyes to get a clear vision behind and avoid and obstacles that are otherwise missed out. Such cameras then help with the safety of you and your loved ones, making your ride safer and more fun.

Erapta Backup Camera Installation

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