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Furrion Vision S 5 inch

3 Camera Wireless RV Backup System with Infrared Night Vision and Wide Viewing Angles

Have an experience of safe driving and fee no more difficulty in reversing your vehicle by having the installation of the Furrion Vision backup system camera. Basically, camera system is an ultimate solution for those who get confused about taking back the car and always fear striking to the vehicle or the object present on the backside. So get ready to have a ride with confidence by installing this incredibly high tech camera model in your car.

If you are looking for the incredible back view source in your budget and need a safety in your driving, then Furrion vision S 5 is the perfect match. To know about the gadget, look at its specs and features that will inspire you.


  • Model: Furrion vision 5
  • Item weight: 3 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 5.6 x 1.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Camera resolution: 720*480
  • Exterior: Plastic
  • View angle: 12 degrees for the rear and 65 degrees for the sides.



Furrion Vision 5 inch, the company’s latest model comes with a sleek and stylish design that easily fits in front of you on the dashboard. The 7 by 5 inches screen is large enough to help you to show you outside view clearly. Moreover, it allows you to see the images from all four cameras. Plus, the touch screen enables you to toggle the monitor conveniently and change the camera according to your need.

Keep a complete check on tailgating, passing, and merging cars to have a safe drive.


The digital high tech gadget comes with a robust IP/Wife camera that is five-time more powerful than the ordinary system. It supports 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology.

The high resolution 720*480 p allows a clear view of the surroundings. Moreover, the gadget is equipped with infrared technology that allows the clear night view even in a darker place. You will see the road perfectly. Plus, a wide view angle improves the visibility of the viewer.

Either drive in a day or night, the Furrion Vision will be your best companion during your trips. Drive like a pro by installing this awesome high tech gadget in your vehicle.

The RV backup camera equipment offers four cameras, so you have a detailed view of the surroundings.

Thanks to the anti-glare touch screen monitor that helps you to monitor the screen carefully. For best control, the monitor screen comes with the table mount and windshield.

The best thing about the Furrion vision 5 is that it comes with a unique marker light camera that is easy to install and show quick response.

Another exclusive feature in furrion observation backup camera that makes the product ideal to fit in the vehicle is its motion detection feature. The device is equipped with a particular gadget that immediately responds to any motion and gives an alert to the user. Moreover, the microphones that keep an eye on surroundings and detect any suspicious sounds and keep you alert.


The well-performing back system with four camera features has the transmission range of 492 feet when in parking position. However, during high speeds, it shows the transmission range of 100ft. It is an ideal option for commercial trucks, 5th wheels, or travel trailers.

Pros & Cons

  • • Waterproof
  • • Hidden camera too
  • • Microphone
  • • High screen resolution
  • • Durable
  • • Wide view angle
  • • The suction lever does not maintain the grip
  • • Colors are not good

Final Verdict

Furrion S model is a fantastic choice for users looking for a back-view camera to make their ride free of stress. The camera, durability, performance, view, and resolution are all perfect to meet your driving needs. So you can easily buy it with confidence and avail its features to make your driving super easy.Buy on Amazon


1. Why is it important to purchase a backup camera?

Backup cameras are suitable for those who have to travel at night or need a convenient driving experience. There is no need to have a guess driving; rather, the camera device will help you view the sides and backside while reversing your car. Thus it reduces the chances of an accident, and you enjoy tension free driving.

2. What features to look upon while buying the best backup camera?

If you want to buy the rearview camera, it is important to consider the furrion backup camera parts and following features:

  1. Camera resolution
  2. Durability
  3. Performance
  4. Number of cameras
  5. Touch screen monitor
  6. Compatibility with your dashboard

3. How to install the furrion backup camera?

Each back views camera system with an installation guide; however, the general steps to keep the gadget on dashboard or windscreen are almost the same. You have to first take the suction cup out of the package

  • Place on the windscreen or dashboard
  • And fix it. Now place the monitor with the help of the clamps
  • Connect the charger with the port in your car, or you can use the cigarette lighter to connect the adaptor.
  • Now attach the backlight cable with the taillight cable.
  • Attach the camera with a number or license plate to bring the camera in an operational position.

Now your back view camera is attached and ready to show you all the views during your driving.

4. What’s the ideal position to place the backup camera in the car?

To get a clear view, try to fix the camera on the backside of the vehicle. Its position must be such that you can see the clear view and do not get any interference while driving. You can get suggestions from the mechanic for the best positioning of the camera.

5. How the backup cameras get power?

Most backup cameras are equipped with a battery of 12v. It is easy to connect the camera with the car’s electric supply like a mobile charger or cigarette igniter to start the camera and enjoy utilizing its features.

6. How to pair furrion backup camera?

Furrion remote reinforcement camera can be paired up effectively with the screen. You simply need to shut down the camera and monitor by detaching the power. After that you can reconnect capacity to both the camera and monitor. Finally you need to press the button at the lower part of the camera for around 2 to 3 seconds and it will be paired up.

7. What type of plug for furrion backup camera?

Old system adaptors may be used. But for appropriate guide regarding such instructions you can download furrion backup camera manual.

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