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How Does Installation of Backup Camera Work in Big Vehicles

Backup cameras have grown to be quite an asset, especially for the larger vehicles. Since it is very difficult to see what is behind a large vehicle for instance behind trailers or trucks.

As a result, backup cameras have been a game changer for larger vehicles that have a large blind spot, and backup cameras help reduce it to quite a large extent.

How Does Wireless Backup Camera Work?

The installation of a backup camera on a large vehicle is not much different from done on a smaller vehicle.

But only if it is a wireless backup camera since a wireless backup camera does not require wires.

On the other hand, a wired backup camera requires for wires to be run along the length of the vehicle and as a result can be a much more complex process to having it get installed.

The only main difference between having a backup camera installed on a bigger or smaller vehicle is that larger or bigger vehicles get their power from clearance lights.

Clearance lights are mainly used for larger vehicles to be able to easily assess the height and width of a large vehicle.

On the other hand, backup cameras on smaller vehicles generate their power mainly from the reverse or backup lights.

In both cases, when the gear of the vehicle is put into reverse, the clearance lights and the reverse lights lit up automatically turning on the backup cameras as well.


In order to install a wireless backup camera on a bigger vehicle follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Firstly, start off by drilling a hole somewhere close to the clearance lights.

wireless backup camera for trailer
wireless backup camera for trailer

This will be required to pass through the positive and negative wires of the clearance lights.

Step 2:

Drill in another hole to be able to screw in the bracket of the backup camera on which it will be mounted on.

Wireless backup camera installation on truck
Wireless backup camera installation on truck

After drilling a hole, screw in the bracket tightly into place.

Step 3:

Next, mount the backup camera into place and screw it into the bracket.

Truck wireless backup camera 2019
Truck wireless backup camera 2019

Make sure you fix it to a suitable angle according to your own preference, where you will be able to get a clearer view of the rear of your vehicle.

Step 4:

Then connect the power cord of the backup camera to the positive and negative cords of the clearance lights.

Wireless backup camera view backwards

This will act as a power source for the backup camera and will turn on automatically every time the clearance lights turn on when the car is in reverse.

Step 5:

After having installed the backup camera into place, next place the monitor or the display screen on the front or dashboard of your vehicle.

Make sure that it is in direct view of your sight and also does not obstruct your view of the road.

Wireless backup camera big vehicle set
Wireless backup camera big vehicle set

Then connect the power cord of the monitor into a power source and turn it on.

Step 6:

Lastly, test out both the display screen and the backup camera. Test out the angles and the clarity of the backup camera that allows you to see the rear of your vehicle.

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