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How much does it cost to put a backup camera in a car?

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  • ‍Features of Backup cameras
  • Minimum Cost of Backup camera
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Rearview backup cameras have become progressively typical on new vehicles, as it helps the people to reverse their cars safely, thus adding a safety feature. This camera is an extraordinary gift of technology for people as it is designed especially for keeping an eye on the car’s back, which helps you move your vehicle. Thus it prevents the car from a rear collision. It allows the drivers to look for the blind spots. Not as a replacement for mirrors or turning to watch but as an added powerful safety tool to reveal the dangers. As soon the rare view backup camera was launched in the market, installing it was still an option for many new cars and trucks as not many people were aware of this wonder of technology. But two years ago, the automobile companies made it mandatory to add this life-saving technology as standard equipment.

  • It shows you a broad view behind your vehicle while reversing it, even around evening time.
  • Checks behind you by investigating your shoulders and utilizing your mirrors.
  • It increases your capacity to keep an eye on the width of the image showing in the mirror, thus helping you to ignore the blind spots, if any.
  • Features of Backup cameras
    Features of Backup cameras

✓ Compatibility with car model;
Most rare view cameras are good with numerous kinds of vehicles. However, you must know about your car if it supports the camera that you intend to install or not.

✓ Cost of camera
The Cost of these cameras ranges from $4 to a maximum of $500.It would be wise to check your budget before planning to buy a camera and go for the one that suits your budget. Remember that a three-digit sticker price with which these cameras come doesn’t make it great.

✓ Review Angle
The review edge or viewing angle is a significant factor to consider if you drive an enormous vehicle.

✓ Night vision
In the evening, low light visibility becomes a common worry for drivers. The backup camera ought to have either infrared lights or LED lights to enlighten pictures when sunlight is little.

The minimum Cost for installing a wired backup camera in your car is 78.99 dollars. The kit contains a small cam possessing the quality of standard reverse resolution with a wider angle of 90 degrees, and it will give you more options to see on both sides of the vehicle, thus reducing the risks of any mishap. It also includes an LCD smart monitor with a standard image resolution of 3.5″.The camera kit contains fifteen-foot cable, which makes it easier to install on your vehicle.Buy on Amazon

  • Maximum Cost for backup camera

The maximum price for installing a rare view backup camera is $500, yet some companies offer the installation of these cameras at affordable prices. ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit includes an LCD monitor of seven inches with a wide resolution image. The installation of this kit is quite easy as it contains the cable for connecting the screen with a camera. The Cost of this camera kit is $169.99, which is quite reasonable.Buy on Amazon


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