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How to Connect Backup Camera to Android Phone?

No matter how skilled the driver is, backing up a vehicle is always a daunting challenge and is known to be one of the leading causes of collisions and accidents. Drivers do not have a complete view behind the vehicle from the rear-view mirror and there are always blind spots. This inevitably makes backing up the vehicle risky as there may be obstacles in the blind spots. The invention of rear-view or backup cameras has offered the perfect solution.

What are Backup or Rearview Cameras?

Rear-view or backup cameras, as the name suggests, are cameras attached at the back of the vehicle to allow the driver to see behind the vehicle when reversing or backing up. These are connected to a screen on the dashboard where the live video from the camera is displayed. Backup cameras can, alternatively, be connected to any android phone that you use as your screen. A backup camera for android phone is installed differently than one for a screen because phones are not generally built for receiving video input. To make use of your android phone as the screen, you need to get the right rear-view camera for the purpose.

Wi-Fi Enabled Backup Camera for Android Phone

To use the camera with your android phone as a screen, you need one with the right connection mechanism. Wireless backup cameras for android phones, like the Universal Wif-Fi Wireless car view backup camera for Android/IOS iPhone, the Do Honest V25 Wireless backup camera system, Wireless Backup Camera LaStBUS Wireless camera, and the 4UCAM Wi-Fi backup camera for iPhone/iPad and Android are all backup cameras designed to be connected to mobile devices including Android. To connect these devices with Android all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and to scan the QR code on the box.

How to connect backup camera to android phone

How to Connect Wi-Fi Enabled Backup Camera to Android phones?

For connecting a Wi-Fi enabled backup camera to your Android phone, use the following procedures:

Step 1: Installation

Install the camera at the rear end of your vehicle by following the instructions. The installation process will differ between different products.

You can take help from our wireless backup camera installation tutorial.

Step 2: Connecting to a Power Source

You need to connect the camera to any power source; RVs and trailers often have built-in DC power supplies where you can connect your rear-view camera. In cars, you would need to connect it to the license plate lamp or headlights.

Step 3: Install the Relevant Application

Once you have connected the device to your vehicle and attached it to a power source, you need to install the application for the product on your Android phone. The product guide would include the name or link of this app.

Step 4: Connect to Wi-Fi

The wireless backup camera, when powered, will give off its own Wi-Fi signals and you can connect to these just like to connect your device to any other wireless router. Therefore, in order to use your Android device as your screen, you need to turn on your Wi-Fi and search for the network of your backup camera.

Step 5: Open your Application on your Device

Once all that is set up, open your app, and your backup camera will be operated via your Android device.

Security Tips when Installing a Wireless Backup Camera

When connecting and installing your device, you should keep security in mind. If you follow the instruction manual with care, you would be following most of the security tips below.

  1. When disconnecting the cable from the battery, remember to leave the battery post and not touch any of the terminals as this may be seriously hazardous to your health.
  2. Always ensure that the battery cable is disconnected from the power source.
  3. When connecting via cables, make sure that the cable size is optimal for the device. You can use the manual to get the optimal spanner size.
  4. When dealing with electronics you must take special precautionary measures like using mechanic gloves, safety glasses, and long-sleeved shirts so your arms are protected.
  5. When using your backup camera, understand your vehicle thoroughly. You will be using the rearview mirror, the side mirrors, and the backup camera for reversing. Know the dimensions and clearances of your vehicle before you are behind. This is necessary to create a safe environment for both, yourself, and others.

Special Backup Camera Designed for Wired Connection with Phones

Other than wireless cameras, there are also some cameras that are designed specifically for wired connections with Android phones. These devices are harder to set up than wireless backup cameras. Dream Innovation Android Cam is one such backup camera that is designed to be connected to Android phones via a Micro USB.

Benefits of Connecting a Backup Camera to your Android Phone

  1. Backup cameras, in general, are a very beneficial tool that can make driving much safer, especially for a novice driver. It covers the blind spots and makes collision accidents much less likely.
  2. Transforming your Android smartphone into the rearview camera screen is highly feasible and less expensive. Instead of buying a product including a screen you can use any Android phone of yours to work as the screen.
  3. You can avoid having to purchase a bulky camera monitor that would take plenty of space inside the vehicle. Installing the monitor will also require additional investment and installation expenses. Connecting your Android device, on the other hand, is much easier.
  4. Another additional benefit of using your Android device is that you can use a variety of modes including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to the camera. Such connectivity is more flexible.

Using the aforementioned steps, you can easily connect your Android phones to your backup cameras. Some mobile phones can even be connected to a mount attached to the dashboard to easily connect or disconnect your phone from the camera. Using a backup camera on your vehicle, whether it is big or small, will make driving much safer. It will surely minimize the likelihood of backing up accidents as well.

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