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How To Connect Wireless Backup Camera to iPhone

Want a backup camera but do not want to have the camera monitor installed by a manufacturer? No worries. Your iPhone can serve this purpose.

Backup camera systems for iPhone are used by many today to assist in backing up the vehicle and apart from installing camera monitors to the head unit in front of the driver, the owner’s iPhone can also be converted to a wireless backup camera.

How to use an iPhone for a wireless backup camera

iPhone users can always use their old smartphones to set up their wireless backup cameras.

These can be used directly as a camera or as a camera monitor; however, iPhones are not well-suited to be used as the camera itself because of the possibility of theft or damage by the rough handling. They can be better used in place of camera monitors for the driver to use.

How to connect your iPhone to the camera

Once you have the camera installed at the rear side of your vehicle, you just need to go through a small procedure and your backup camera will be all set in place. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Install the appropriate application on the iPhone.
  2. Open the application and click on the WiFi icon.
  3. Search for the WiFi signals of your camera.

Why use a backup camera connected to an iPhone?


  • It will help you in reversing your vehicle

A novice or an expert driver, this piece of modern equipment will help you in reversing a great deal.

It allows you to see what your rear-view mirrors cannot show you and this makes backing up a lot easier.

  • It reduces the likelihood of backing-up accidents

Backing-up accidents, in particular with children and by large vehicles, are quite common in this time and age. Approximately 50 children fall victim to such accidents every week, in the United States and individual action on behalf of all drivers is needed.

These wireless backup cameras will allow the driver a clear view of the vehicle’s blind spot, thereby reducing the likelihood of backup collisions.

  • It is feasible

This facility means that installing backup cameras in vehicles can become all the more feasible, with the possibility of converting any of your previous iPhone models to a wireless backup camera.


You would not need to purchase and install the camera monitor for your vehicle when you have an old iPhone at hand, saving a lot of installation costs and avoiding lengthy installation procedures.

  • iPhones can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth

Camera monitors that are installed in the vehicle’s front can display maps and other content while the car is not in reverse but an additional advantage of using an iPhone in place of the camera monitor is that it can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth and this feature makes its use more flexible.

Wireless backup cameras are a modern-day piece of equipment used by many around the globe. Experts or learners, all drivers find this quite helpful in making their driving experience better and safer.

The possibility of connecting these cameras to iPhones makes them much more feasible for use.

Top Trending Best Wireless Backup Camera For iPhone

  1. 4UCAM WiFi Backup Camera for iPhone/iPad and Android 
  2. Swift Hitch SH04
  3. Esicam EH-05-B Model for iPhone
  4. Look-It smart wireless backup camera for iphone
  5. Greenyi wifi backup camera for iphone/ipad, wireless car rearview camera for ios

How to Connect Backup Camera wit ios or Android?

Yes, there are few options. We recommend buyers to see complete features before buying a backup camera for iPhone connection. There are some Smart Cameras available in the market that connects with both iPhone and Android devices.

Can a Wireless backup camera easily work with iPhone?

Yes, it works smoothly if there is an option to connect the wireless backup camera for the iphone.

What is the difference between Wireless and Wifi backup camera?

Every backup camera is a wireless camera use to see rearview. However Wireless wifi backup cameras can easily be connected with iPhone or other smartphones for looking at rearview.


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