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How To Hook Up Backup Camera To Radio In 7 Steps?

The backup camera is the best invention of the latest technology that not only assists the driver in reversing the vehicle during driving but also ensures the safety of the driver from unexpected incidents. The backup camera shows the video of the back views alleviates the rear blind spot and protects the vehicle from back collision. In fact, it is one of the greatest inventions for heavy vehicle drivers. For installing the backup camera certain conditions are required. First of all the backup camera should be mountable and it should be specifically designed for your vehicle. Most of the vehicles don’t have backup cameras but they have a good radio with a video maker. It is amazing to know that in such vehicles you can install a backup camera but there condition for such vehicles as they are considered to already have a monitor system. Let’s have a look at how to hook up the backup to the radio in the 7 easiest steps.

Steps To Hook Up The Backup Camera To Radio:

Steps To Hook Up The Backup Camera To Radio-

Before hooking up the camera it is necessary to pay attention to some important things such as the video input system should be good. Your vehicle should have a yellow color female RCA plug for better video input in other cases you will need to use the adapter.

Make sure your car must have a CAN bus system to easily switch to the camera. Trigger cables are helpful for this purpose. If there is no such system then install a trigger cable to move the monitor to the camera’s feed whenever the need arises.

Always keep necessary tools in your car such as a screwdriver, pin, and trim removal tool that is essential for the installation process.

Remove The Car Parts:

Remove The Car Parts-

The first step is to remove the dashboard and all other necessary parts from their place to find the cables that power the reverse light. It will help you to find a proper place where you have to install the camera.

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Install The Camera:

The next step is the installation of the camera. It is better to choose the license plate cameras for cars and roof-top cameras for vans as they are easy to install. 

Connect The Cables:

Connect The Cables-

This step requires much attention as on basis of it the camera’s function depends. Connect the wires in such a way

  • DC power cable to red DC female plug of camera
  • Connect the 2nd end of the power cable to reverse the light of the vehicle. The black wire connects to the -12V while the red one connects to the +12V reverse cable.
  • Connect trigger wire to +12V cable for automatic camera feed on a monitor. 

Run The Cable:

For the wired camera system, run cable from the rear to the front. This step is not for wireless camera systems.

Connection With Radio Cables: 

Now connect the RCA male plug to the car radio’s video input. For wireless system connect yellow from receiver to radio

Connect trigger wire to the monitor or to the receiver (wireless camera system) for view on the monitor.

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Rearrangement Of Parts:

Now place everything back to its place, reinstall the radio. Set the reverse light part and tight every part with screws and bolts.

Test The Camera Working:

After that to check whether the camera feed-in the monitor or not, start the engine and move it into reverse gear.

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