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How to Install Wireless Backup Camera Fast In Easy Steps

A wireless backup camera has become a new favorite asset among people. Especially among those that have a problem with parallel parking, backing up or people who generally are a lot more conscious for the safety of others or their own.

As it is a very convenient way to reduce or diminish your blind spots.

If your vehicle does not come with a pre-installed backup camera then it is also possible to purchase a backup camera and install it or have it installed.

A wireless backup camera is much more efficient and easy to install compared to a wired backup camera.

Having a wired backup camera installed is time-consuming and more complex. Whereas, in a wireless backup camera there will be the use of wires separately but only in the backup camera and the display screen.

No wires are used to connect the display screen to the backup camera. So let’s get right into learning how to install a wireless backup camera in the few following steps:

How to Install Wireless Backup Camera in Easy Steps

Step 1: Start-off by mounting the Backup Camera

There are different types of methods to choose from when mounting the backup camera. Depending on where you want your backup camera to be or depending on the types of your vehicle.

mounting the Backup Camera
mounting the Backup Camera

You can drill in a hole, mount it into your license plate and then screw it to secure it or you can also attach it beneath the bumper of your car.

Once you have secured in your backup camera in an ideal location and screwed it in, you’re done with the first step!

Step 2: Connect the wires of the Backup Camera

Next, you have to also pass in the wires of the backup camera into your car. This can be done by drilling a small hole and passing the wires through it into the cabin.

Once, it has passed through, now it will be required to connect to a power source. The ideal power source is the reversing lights.

Connect the wires of the Backup Camera
Connect the wires of the Backup Camera

To connect the wires of the backup camera to the reversing lights, remove the covers of the backlight. Then with the help of a pair of pliers connect the backup cameras wires into the positive and negative wires of the backup lights.

Then connect the other end of the wires to the transmission box. Make sure to not exchange the positive and negative cables this can cause serious damage.

Step 3: Connecting the Backup Camera to the Transmitter

Now you have to connect the two RCA cables. One is a black power cable and the other a yellow AV output cable.

Connecting the Backup Camera to the Transmitter
Connecting the Backup Camera to the Transmitter

After connecting the two cables, you can put back the backlight covers you had detached. And you will be done with installing the camera.

Step 4: Placing the Display Screen

Next, you should place the display monitor on the dashboard in such a way that it does not hinder the view of the road while also being in view of the driver and not cover anything else.

Some monitors will come with a built-in receiver and some will need to be attached. They will catch the signals sent from the transmitter.

Placing the Display Screen of wireless backup camera
Placing the Display Screen of wireless backup camera

Lastly, the monitor will need to be connected to a power source.

It can be an external power source or for instance from the attachment or cigarette lighter socket.

Just in a few of these simple steps, you will have installed your backup camera!

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