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How to Install Wireless Backup Camera on RV

If your RV did not come with a pre-installed backup camera then do not fret!

This article will help you ease your way through the process of installing a wireless backup camera on your RV.

You also have to keep in mind that although it is a wireless backup camera and won’t require as much wiring compared to a wired backup camera, but it may be time-consuming.


As an RV is a fairly large vehicle, so it will require patience and time to have a wireless backup camera properly installed.

How to Install Wireless Backup Camera on RV

In the following few and simple steps you will learn how to install a wireless backup camera on your RV:

Step 1: Drill a Hole

Firstly, you will be required to drill a hole. Before drilling a hole anywhere make sure that there are no other wires or wall studs getting in the way.

Once you have made sure of everything, start by drilling a hole.

Wireless backup Camera RV Installation Guide
Wireless backup Camera RV Installation Guide

A wireless backup camera is mostly mounted directly below the clearance lights on an RV.

So after drilling a hole and making a route, you should pass through the positive and negative wires of the clearance lights from the inside to the outside.

You also have the option to cover up the hole after passing the wires through. You can use a sealant to cover up the remaining exposed part of the hole to avoid insects or air coming in from outside or escaping outside.

Step 2: Placing the Bracket

Next, you must drill another hole just below the hole from which the wires are passing through.

Brackets and Backup Camera for RV
RV backup camera installation

After having drilled a hole, place the bracket of the backup camera in a suitable position and screw it into place. The bracket will aid in mounting the backup camera into a suitable place.

Step 3: Mounting the Backup Camera

After screwing in the bracket, mount the backup camera in between the bracket and fix it in a suitable position.

A man mounting backup camera on RV
Backup Camera Wireless Mount Guide on TV

You will have to adjust the backup camera according to your own preference according to the angle you want.

Try testing out different options for the angles. And once you have chosen an angle for the backup camera screw the backup camera into place.

Step 4: Connecting the Wires

Then you will have to make the wire connections after mounting the backup camera.

Connect the power cord of the backup camera to the positive and negative wires of the clearance lights.

RV Backup Camera Parts

This will act as a power source for the backup camera and activate it. Make sure to not to exchange the positive and the negative wires.

Step 5: Mounting the Display Screen

Lastly, you have to place or mount the display screen in an appropriate location and then plug the cord of the display screen or monitor into a 12V or a 24V socket.

Wireless RV Backup Camera Monitor on dashboard
Wireless RV Backup Camera

Depending on what is required.

Then you can power on your monitor and it will receive signals from the transmitter or antenna on top of the backup camera.

You have to make sure to test out the backup camera and the monitor. Check whether the setting is according to your liking and the angle you are working with is also suitable.

How to Install Wireless Backup Camera on RV
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