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Leekooluu Backup Camera Installation Instructions

What Are Wireless Backup Cameras?

With advancements in technology new security equipment has also sprung up and a wireless backup camera is one such development to ensure the security of drivers while reversing a vehicle. Backup cameras are meant to make the backing up of big and small vehicles safer and easier for drivers. These devices are cameras installed at the back of vehicles to reduce the blind spot behind the vehicle for the driver. It allows drivers to see behind a vehicle when backing up in order to reduce the risk of collisions. There are numerous wireless backup cameras available in the market today. One of the best options is the Leekooluu backup camera. Leekooluu wireless backup camera is a digital camera suitable for use on RVs, Pickups, Travel Trailers, Trucks, and Motorhomes.

1. LeeKooLuu HD 1080P Wireless Backup Camera Monitor

LeeKooLuu HD 1080P Wireless Backup Camera Monitor
Signal TransmitterWireless
Compatible with VehiclesUp to 40ft
Screen ModeSplit
Warranty2 years
Display5 Inch LCD Monitor
Power9V-24V DC
Item Weight2.79 Pounds

One of the incredible back camera devices for the car is LeeKooLuu HD 1080 wireless backup camera. It is a powerful device that works with a wireless transmitter. It sends stable signals through the digital point-to-point transmission. The device is perfect with vehicles up to 33 ft for high-speed driving. You can apply the reverse or slow speed observation vehicle with 40 ft dimension.

LeeKooLuu camera is an ideal option to install in trucks that require special consideration to reverse the truck. There are preset a split-screen mode so you can simultaneously see the front and rearview. Another wonderful feature that helps the product to stand out in the market is its auto-scan function. It uses both cameras at the same time and sets the scanning time of 5 to 40 seconds. Thus, it will automatically switch from cam 1 to cam 2 and vice versa.

It has easy to use interface through which you can alter the contrast, brightness, and color saturation of the screen. The waterproof device has a 150-degree view angle and 8 infrared LED lights. Thus, it offers a clear and crisp view during the nighttime.

The device can be easily installed in the vehicle by connecting wire with a cigarette lighter, with an on/off adaptor. Moreover, you can also connect it to the backup camera to running light, reverse light, and license plate light for continuous or reverse light.

  • Easy to install
  • Large viewing angle
  • Clear view during nighttime.
  • Autoscan function
  • 8 LED lights for better night view
  • Sometimes occur digital distortion
  • Signal strength is somewhat is low

2. LeeKooLuu LK3 HD 1080P Backup Camera

LeeKooLuu LK3 HD 1080P Backup Camera
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Display Size4.3 Inch LCD
Camera Viewing Angle149 Degree
Item Weight0.01 ounces
Warranty2 years

LeeKooluu is one of the best companies for manufacturing backup cameras for the car. It is easy to install a device that you can connect to the reverse lights when the vehicle is in reverse gear. You can give it power by connecting to the 12v source fuse box. Moreover, you can utilize its benefits by connecting it with the ignition switch or the cigarette lighter.

The latest technology device is waterproof as it doesn’t allow penetration of water inside the box. The camera is optima performing and offers 149-degree viewing angles. Moreover, it comes with 6 white LED lights with a clear and crisp view of the day as well as night. You can directly connect the monitor with a wire.

The device has a wide 4.3 inch LCD menu. The interface is easy to use. You can adjust the parking lines’ width by moving left, up, down, and right. If you don’t want the screen view you can turn it off. Moreover, you can flip between the front view as well as the rearview. Furthermore, there is the option of the rear and front camera.

The installation of this multi-functional device is super easy. It is equipped with a magnetic bracket. It is rotatable. You can rotate it 360 degrees and set the angle according to your convenience. You can install it on the windshield, dashboard, or monitor. Thus, it is the complete backup camera device with the monitor to offer you ease to park your car.

  • 6 LED lights for a clear view
  • Easy to setup and install’
  • Low light sensitivity is good
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Waterproof
  • There is present digital distortion sometimes
  • Low signal strength

3. LeeKooLuu LK2 Wireless Backup Camera

LeeKooLuu LK2 Wireless Backup Camera
Compatible withUpto 40ft Vehicles
Screen ModeDual
Display5 Inch LCD Monitor
Power11V-24V DC ,400mA-20A
Item Weight1.5 pounds

Another model from the house of Leekooluu comes with all features you expect from the best wireless monitor. It features a built-in camera and wireless receiver. The system works best with the vehicle with 33ft for high-speed driving observation and slow speed observation for the vehicles up to 40 ft.

Moreover, there is a feature of the DIY parking grid lines so you can adjust the width of parking lines by moving the lines from screen to left, right, up and down. In this way, you can get the real parking conditions and can park your car safely.

To reverse the car, you can connect the camera to the reverse light or key present on the switched power source.  You have to connect the camera to reverse light only when you need to move your car backward. You can also connect the reverse camera with a cigarette lighter or the fuse panel. The device supports both the mirror and the normal image. You can change settings with the front camera and drive according to your feasibility.

It is very easy to install the wireless monitor device. You have to attach it with a license plate on the front or backside. The last bit, not the least feature is switching on or off the guidelines. You can switch on or off depending on your convenience.

  • Compatible with all type of vehicles
  • Adjustable backup guidelines
  • 5 inch full HD split screen
  • 69 waterproof rating work
  • The high definition image processor
  • No cons with this product

4. LeeKooLuu F07 HD 1080P Digital Wireless

LeeKooLuu F07 HD 1080P Digital Wireless
Screen Size7 Inches
Night VisionYes
Sensor TechnologyCCD
Screen ModesSplit/Quad
Camera Viewing Angle150 Degrees
Compatible withRVs/Trailers/Motorhome/5th wheels/Campers
Item Weight4.4 pounds

Leekooluu F07 is a digital wireless backup camera having 14 LED infrared lights. Along with its features the CCD sensor displays images with high definition up to 1080P resolution.  This digital wireless monitor has a built-in 7 inch DVR monitor and camera.

For the digital wireless transmission, you have to connect the antennas and power supply. It has the feature of eliminating blind spots, reversing the side mirror, and displaying the parking guidelines.

The device comes with a 7 inch DVR monitor having a loop recording feature, it can record the videos, when memory is full it automatically removes the older files. The monitor shows a clear view because of the 1080 P resolution.

You can switch from single screen to duo and quad screen. You can view four cameras simultaneously. Moreover, you can flip from the rearview to the front view. Furthermore, it offers backup lines for easy reversing of the vehicle.

The video recording function is also present, it records either in continuous look or you get a manual option. You can connect for constant monitoring or reverse-only monitoring. For a long-lasting life, the designer has added the IP69K waterproof camera with a 150-degree viewing angle.

It can combat different weather situations. Moreover, the fog-resistant feature lets you drive smoothly and safely by having clear night vision the screen is made by an IPS panel. This helps you to see a clear picture at a different angle without facing a problem or the blurring or any reflection issue.

  • Compatible with different vehicles
  • Water proof
  • Fog resistant
  • Large HD screen
  • Backup lines for reversing of vehicle
  • No cons with this model

5. Leekooluu LK4 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Leekooluu LK4 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera
Display Size5 Inch
Item Weight1.7 pounds
Compatible WithRVs/Trucks/Trailers/Motorhomes
Signal TransmissionWireless
Monitor Resolution1080P
Side View CameraYes
Backup Camers Resolution720P

Leekooluu is an HD 1080 p digital wireless monitor that covers automatic signal transmission. The transmitter is the built-in camera. When you can connect the system with power, the digital wireless device transmits signals automatically.

The best part of this wireless system is the presence of a 1080 P IP69k waterproof camera. It comes with a 150-degree viewing angle and provides a clear picture when you are reversing the car. The device comes with a glass lens having waterproof features. Thus, it easily combats with poor weather conditions. Moreover, it also features fog-resistant properties. Moreover, you can use the side view camera also to keep yourself alert from all sides.

The design of the monitor screen is incredible too. There are available parking line width adjustment features. You can adjust left, right, up, and down lines to make your parking easy and safe. Furthermore, the flipping of the camera allows you to view the rearview or front view simultaneously.  There is the option of using the rear camera or the front camera separately also. 

The device is very easy to install. You can connect it with running lights and taillights to have a clear view. The installation of the device will make your drive safe and give you a stress-free ride experience.

  • Waterproof camera lense
  • Fog resistant
  • Easy to install
  • The camera has a wide-angle view
  • It eliminates the blind spot
  • The mounting is not good, monitor vibrates at high speed.

6. LeeKooLuu F14 Wireless Digital Backup 4

LeeKooLuu F14 Wireless Digital Backup 4
Sensor TechnologyCCD
Screen ModeSplit/Quad
Display Size7 Inch Monitor
Item Weight6.34 pounds
Night VisionYes
Compatible withRV, Trailer, Truck, Camper, Van, Motorhome

It is a new generation DVR technology device with a high pixel 1080 P 7-inch screen. The superb model is awesome and offers four-camera view modes. Thus, it offers you the accurate and real fact playback that ensures safety while driving the vehicle.

The device offers the waterproof rating IP69k feature. The device is equipped with IR color CCD image sensors. Moreover, there is an available parking light adjustment feature on the screen. You can move up-down, right, and left to park your car safely.

The device comes with 152 wide views and clear night vision. The device is compatible with multiple vehicles so you can install it with any device and have a safe drive experience. The easy to install device can be connected with the taillight or cigarette power source to reverse your car.

  • HD screen
  • Clear view even at night
  • Durable
  • IP69k waterproof feature
  • DVR technology
  • CCD image sensors available
  • No cons with this product.

7. Leekooluu LK6 FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Cameras Review

Leekooluu LK6 FHD 1080P Digital Wireless 2 Backup Cameras
Display ModesSplit View/Single full view
Display Size7 Inches Monitor
Night VisionYes
Item Weight4.09 pounds

Leekooluu LK6 FHD 1080P Digital wireless camera is a high-quality product that guarantees ease-of-use and durability. The set contains two cameras that offer a single full view with Upgrade Split IPS display. It can display two videos at the same time in its split view and thus promises to cover all blind spots behind a vehicle.

Its 150-degree viewing angle ensures that a wide view behind the vehicle is visible. Its night-vision capability, resistance to low and high temperatures, waterproof and fog proof features allow it to remain functional in all weather conditions. With the help of its CCD sensor, it provides a crystal clear camera view during the day as well as the night. The monitor can be mounted on the dashboard with brackets and the cameras can be attached to the back tail lights.

This wireless backup camera set is perfect for use in large vehicles like RVs, Trucks, and Travel Trailers. The product weighs 4.19 pounds and is 11.6 x 10 x 3.5 inches. Its high-definition FHD 1080P resolution gives a very detailed, high-definition video. Additionally, the camera has a dual wireless channel which means that it can support two cameras with its split-screen feature. To utilize it, you can add another digital wireless camera and connect it to the Leekooluu backup camera and monitor kit. To find more about the wireless backup camera, you can visit the Leekooluu website. If you have bought the Leekooluu LK6 FHD 1080P digital wireless backup camera and are in process of installing it, you can use the Leekooluu backup camera wiring diagram.

  • It is resistant to all weather conditions because of its fog and waterproof feature, resistance to temperature extremes, and night-vision capability.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-install and set up. It only requires wireless configuration so no hassle of wiring is involved.
  • Excellent low-light sensitivity
  • Low signal strength so distance can affect the efficiency
  • Digital distortion is likely resulting in latency

What Makes Leekooluu Wireless Backup Cameras So Special?

  • Very easy to set up in comparison to other more complicated wired backup cameras. It is an extremely user-friendly backup camera system
  • Its unique image flip feature makes it a much better option. You can switch the camera between Normal facing, Mirror upside down, Rear Mirror, and facing upside down.
  • Great customer service makes Leekooluu a preferred choice among the numerous available options.

Leekooluu wireless backup camera set is the perfect product for large vehicles. With its modern features, it will surely minimize the risks of backup accidents and collisions. 

How to Install Leekooluu Backup Camera: Installation Instructions

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