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Look-IT Safety Backup Camera- Simply DIY Installation

Connects to Smartphone for easy viewing includes magnetic phone mount.

Back up camera is camera which is specifically made for the aid in backing up of a vehicle or to spot the rare blind views by looking into it. It usually helps in backing up of a vehicle without any collision. This camera is usually attached to the head spot display of a vehicle.  This is a special type of video camera which is also called as reverse camera or rare camera.

Functions of the camera

The design of the backup camera is slightly different from other cameras as it gives the horizontal view of the back side. As the face of the driver and the camera are in front of each other so the camera must be on driver’s left side and vice versa. The image orientation of the camera is consistent and do not display the image of the far view. But it can only view the image of the site from a specific corner to the other. The lens of the back view camera is wide angle or fish eye. This kind of lens actually spoils the far away or distant view. The camera is downward which is only able to view different obstacles or hurdles and also to view the approaching walls or docks to prevent collision. This camera gives a view on the LCD screen or navigation present on the dash board of the vehicles.

Look IT safety backup cameras features

Different companies are providing wide range of safety backup cameras. Look IT safety backup camera is one of the well known companies and it provide their best services to their customers. These cameras also have a wireless connection with the screen and you can view it on your mobile phones too. Here are the some features of this camera given below:

Look-IT Safety Backup Camera Features
Look-IT Safety Backup Camera Features
  • It is easy to install than other types of backup cameras.
  • It is more smart, simple and secure.
  • There is no need of doing holes in the vehicles because it has the wireless system.
  • It can connect wirelessly to the other handset devices like mobile phones or tablets. One can view the display on their devices.
  • These have 100% wireless system with the easy installing system.
  • It has the smartest activation system as it can instantly view the display with the just one click of the wireless remote.
  • It gives a perfect assistance to the driver by showing grid lines while doing parking so it will let you know about the proper pathway.
  • Look it rear vision camera has all the advanced features in it.

How to install this wireless smart backup camera    

Here are the some steps to install this smart wireless backup camera into your device. Look it backup camera installation is really a very easy process.

Easy Installation of Look-IT Safety Backup Camera
Easy Installation of Look-IT Safety Backup Camera
  1. First step is installing the application and connect it with the smart phone with the help of the plate holder.
  2. Just install the application from Google play store and pair it with the vehicle by adding the vehicle number plate.
  3. After this click on the activation button under the look it smart backup camera.
  4. Remove your license plate from the vehicles. Be sure to keep the original screws.
  5. Place your license plate at the right height on your vehicle hole number. The standard position is the key factor for installation.
  6. Use the original screw to tighten this license plate on to the vehicle.
  7. Before placing the plate insert the flat brackets labeled with part B each side cavity of the licensed plate holder. It is important that marking on the brackets will be towards you and the arrows on it are in the up direction to simplify the procedure.
  8. Slide the brackets on the right side of the cavity while having the bracket as far up as possible. This will adjusted into left side cavity.
  9. Now remove the screws it is ready to install the license plate at the place.
  10. Tighten the screw and remove the rubber caps. If the bottom of the plate is free then place the adhesive tape at the bottom of the plate.
  11. Remove the plastic firm from the camera depending on the height of the camera license plate.
  12. It can be adjusted in such a way up or down to get the possible view.
  13. Once a plate is installed, there comes a 3 button view wireless remote control the quick view.
  14. Wireless remote can be mounted on either the steering wheel, gear shifts or at the handbrakes by using the Velcro strap cable for the ease to rotate it from left or right. The cradle must be adjusted properly on the steering wheel.
  15. One can also mount the remote on the dashboard.
  16. Use the adhesive tape to place the remote on the dashboard.
  17. There are also magnetic air vent for the proper visibility and stick it on the back of your mobile back.

Look it backup camera price varies from the product efficiency and their most modification in their functioning. One can buy it from look it or Amazon application. Its price is $249.00.


Comparison between look it and other backup cameras

Look-IT Safety Backup Camera
Look-IT Safety Backup Camera

Look it safety backup cameras are the cameras with high resolution and are more efficient than other ordinary ones. Other cameras might go blur sometimes and also damaged after sometime. But the look it safety backup camera do not go blur and gives a proper view with smart activation system. Look it safety backup cameras are always has advanced features than others.

Look it safety backup camera review

Backup cameras have now become increasing more important and with the new government mandates you will not even find a new device. This will help in reducing the damage of the vehicle body on reversing. These help many people in parking and viewing anything behind the vehicle. Many people prefer this than other backup cameras.

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