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5 Best Wireless Backup Camera With GPS in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Backup cameras are also known as reversing cameras or maybe rear-view cameras. These video cameras are a special type of cameras that are specifically produced with the purpose of being connected to the vehicle’s rear in order to help in backing up. They also alleviate the rear blind spot.

Are you looking for the best GPS backup camera? Do you want the device for entertainment purposes, map navigation as well as reverse camera option? Then here we have listed the five best products. You can choose from them to utilize the features of the device.

But, Before getting into the nitty-gritty of cameras, their features, and pros and cons, let’s start with some basics, how they work, how they are designed, etc.

Some Basics of Wireless Backup Camera with GPS

Designing of Backup Camera

Backup cameras are usually different in designs when compared to other cameras. In backup cameras, images are horizontally flipped in order to give the output as a mirror image. It is necessary because of the opposite directions that the camera and driver face. And if they don’t, the camera’s left will be on the driver’s right and vice versa.

If you have a mirror image of the camera then the orientations of the display will be made with consistency. It is because of the physical mirrors that are installed on the vehicle.

Wireless backup camera with GPS likes to support a wide-angle or maybe fish eye lens. Such types of lenses spoil the ability of the camera and they become unable to see the objects that are far away.

But the camera will be able to see the uninterrupted paths that are horizontal from one rear corner to the other corner. The angle of the camera is typically pointed downward so that it can view the potential hurdles on the ground. It will also be able to reach the position where it can approach the walls and docks instead of straight back.

Backup cameras are commonly used in vehicles that face difficulty to see the trailers, for example, motorhomes. The increasing popularity of GPS navigation systems and in-dash DVD players aid in the justification of expenses of adding a colored LCD to the seat of the driver.

It has become quite common nowadays and it is also available in the form of optional factory accessories on the trucks of standard passengers or at sport utility vehicles.

GPS With Backup Camera

Wireless backup camera with gps review
Wireless backup camera with GPS review

It is designed in a way that can avoid any backup collision. These cameras are usually connected with the vehicle’s head unit display. The area that is directly behind the vehicle is usually considered a “killing zone”. It is because of the accidents that are associated with it.

Different Types of Wireless Backup Reverse Cameras with Global Positioning System

There is a large variety of backup cameras that depends on the application.

  1. Backup cameras (reversing camera) for vehicles that do not have factory-fitted systems. Such type of cameras has both versions of wireless and wired.
  2. Camera systems that have servomechanisms built-in. They are used by the drivers of large vehicles to control the remote to the pan and tilt the camera.
  3. Wireless backup cameras with GPS come with a wireless camera and a receiver. Such type of cameras are easy to install and are also cheap.
  4. Some of the backup cameras contain audio intercoms that are either one-way or two-way. They are used for communication with the outside spotter of the vehicle. Such type of cameras is usually used in large trailers.

What Are the Top GPS Backup Cameras in 2021?

1. Keleda 7001 Double Din GPS

Keleda 7001 Double Din Car Stereo with Backup Camera
Batteries IncludedNO
Screen Size7 Inches
Display Resolution1024p × 600p
Voice CommandTouch Screen
Display TypeLCD
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, Auxiliary, Wi-Fi, USB
Map Type
All Online Map or Offline Map available in Google Play Store are supported, North America
Map NavigationOnline/Offline
Vehicle Service TypeCar, Truck
Control MethodTouch

The good entertainment system in the car makes your driving experience wonderful. Thus you should install the equipment that ensures a good quality atmosphere during your trip. Therefore, the Keleda 7001 double din GPS system with the stereo system can be an ideal option to install in your car.

The device features the GPS voice guidance navigation system. Along with 7 inch HD display. You can operate it with a touchscreen. The best thing about the device is its input connectors to make a connection with the screen mirror and the wheel control. You can connect the device with both Bluetooth and WiFi to share information and media files.

This one of the best wireless backup camera with GPS in 2021 and is the choice of most users because of its incredible features. It works well with both iOS and Android devices.

If we see the specs of this camera, the Steering wheel control is one of the best features of the device. Through this function, you can control your car and have a safer driving experience. You can switch to the option to control your steer wheel.

Moreover, you can easily switch songs, adjust volume, change the channels while driving. This helps you to stay focused without distracting from your line.

The device also supports Google maps navigation online. There are a lot of built-in maps. Thus you can switch on the map and go wherever you want to go by getting assistance through Google maps. It supports both 2D and 3D map views.

  • Supports 2D and 3D maps
  • Voice control
  • Big GPS display size
  • Online navigation
  • The back screen camera view is clear
  • There is no CD or DVD player
  • Radio crash if you switch from radio to android system

2. NikoMaku Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Backup Camera

NikoMaku AS3 Pro Max Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear Backup Camera
Screen Size12 Inches
Video Capture Resolution1080p
Display TypeLCD
Control MethodTouch Screen
View Angle170° Wide Angle
Special High-brightness50% brighter than other products
OEM DesignYes
Parking Assist Line AdjustableYes
Parking ModeYes
Split Screen DisplayYes
G-Sensor+ Loop RecordingYes
Super HDR Rear CameraNo
Vehicle Service TypeCar, Truck

If you are looking for a big GPS backup camera then give a chance to the Nikomaku mirror dashcam. It might be the perfect option. It comes with 12 inches big screen that offers a wider view. Moreover, it is equipped with an LCD screen that is brighter as compared to the model available in the same price range. The best part about its screen is it reduces the brightness and gives you a clear view.

The design is compact and sturdy. When you install it you will find there will be no vibrations in the dashcam. Thus it offers the stabler image as compared to others that you fix with the rubber band method. The bracket of the cam is compatible with many car models. Therefore, you can buy and attach it to the rearview mirror easily.

If we talk about the camera, it is awesome too. The Sony camera is present. It delivers a 1080P full HD view. Both front and rear cameras are present. There is present 170 degrees wide-angle camera having the ability to capture images with clarity even at night as well as a full sunny day.

GPS is reliable too. It coordinates well and you can record the speed via a GPS sensor. It displays the whole route in Google map thus making your journey hassle-free. Moreover, it sets the time and date according to location and GPS position.

Thanks to AS3 Pro max support due to which screen shows both front and back view at the same time. You can switch between the rear and front camera or swipe the screen to have both views simultaneously on the screen.

  • It shows both rear and front camera view simultaneously
  • Both cameras record at full HD that is 1080p at 30 FPS.
  • Two types so brackets available for mounting
  • No vibrations of the screen even at high speed
  • Screen offer wide range view angle
  • Sometimes it causes reflections due to which its hard to see during day time
  • The bracket does not sit well with some car models.

3. DuDuBell 10″ Mirror Dash Cam

DuDuBell Sony IMX323 Rear Camera with Night Vision
Are Batteries IncludedYes
Display Screen10-inch IPS Display Screen
Lens170°Front lens, 140°Rear lens
Video FormatMP4
Video Resolution1080P
Power Interface5V/2.5A
BatteryBuilt-in battery, 500mAh
Control MethodTouch
Auto Part PositionRear

Dudu bell is another Backup Camera With Gps. It comes with all features you expect in the best GPS device. It features 10 inches touch screen and starts immediately you start the car. This high-rated camera device offers an excellent and clear reverse view. Thus, enabling you to reverse your car without inconvenience. When you connect the car tail light with positive lead, it automatically starts guiding you reverse guidelines.

If we talk about its design. It has a user-friendly interface. It comes with a power on and off button and function setting option. You can set the G sensor level, loop recording, and switch off the motion detection. Moreover, you can switch on or off the parking monitor.

The device is equipped with a Sony camera with 1080p HD technology. It offers a better field dept and exposure time. Moreover, it provides clear images even in a night and very dark environment.

The GPS of the device is incredible also. It features a 170 degree 6G front-rear cam. The best part about the function is it eliminates blind spots and record everything clearly. Moreover, the speed recording and location information are accurate. You can install the GV player to download all data and videos on your computer.

The GPS cam system also supports night vision. It displays enhanced night vision because of the large aperture camera and having HDR plus with 79 DB dynamic range. This automatically balances the light and dark areas in the video. Thus offer the clear vie win the dark. Last but not least the GPS device comes with AHD technology that provides you a quality video and offers a safe reversing experience.

  • Provides clear image during night
  • Easy to use interface
  • Loop recording
  • G sensor present
  • Eliminate blind spot
  • Mounting is not good it vibrates when the car is moving at high speed
  • Reverse cam show some lag

4. EINCAR Double 2 Din

EINCAR Double 2 Din Car Stereo GPS Navigation
Are Batteries IncludedNo
Screen Size6.2 Inches
Human Interface InputTouchscreen, Microphone
Item Dimensions LxWxH10 x 10 x 10 inches
Vehicle Service TypeCar
Resolution800* RGB *480
USB/SD Capacity32GB
AM Frequency Range522-1620KHz
FM Tuning Range87.5-108MHz

Eincar Double 2 din is another GPS mirror view camera having a user-friendly interface. The new design of this high-quality digital car stereo system comes with 3 types of UI. You can pick one of your choices. It supports the zone GPS Sat Navi function. Moreover, you can adjust the navigation speech and music volume. The device also comes with a GPS antenna, and the 8GB cap having preinstalled map.

Another exclusive feature of the GPS device is the presence of built-in Bluetooth, microphone for a hands-free calling experience. Moreover, Eincar is equipped with a car stereo radio receiver with a frequency of 522KHz to 1620KHZ. One of the exclusive features is that it records the favorite radio station.

The device comes with a responsive touch screen and 7 color button backlight to offer high-quality images as well as rapid touch response.

Another feature that helps the company to market products in different countries is supported in multiple languages. The multi-OS supports Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, and French.

For music lovers, it is a complete device as it comes with a DVD and USB port. It can play music via Aux input, steering wheel control, with subwoofer and EQ settings.

The device also supports a real camera feature. It means car reversing is no more difficult as it will navigate through the back camera and you can take your car backward without any fear. This compact device with a GPS feature is the perfect option and fulfills the mapping plus entertainment demand.

  • Responsive screen
  • Support multiple languages
  • Comes with a DVD and USB port
  • Stereo radio receiver present
  • Microphone and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth doesn’t work with the old version of Bluetooth devices
  • The sound quality is poor

5. TOGUARD 4K Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD 4K Mirror Dash Cam Backup Waterproof Reverse Camera
Are Batteries IncludedNo
Screen Size12 Inches
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.8 x 0.6 x 12 inches
Display TypeLCD
Video Resolution4K(F)+1080P(R)
Voice ControlYes
Default CameraFull Screen Rear View
Video FormatMP4
Power InterfaceDC 5V/2.5A
Dual CamYes
Water ResistanceYes

The next GPS backup camera in our review list includes the Guard 4k mirror. It features the K ultra HD mirror dash cam with 3840*2160 @ 30fps with 4K ultra-high resolution. The 12 inches rectangular-shaped display has an adjustable 330 wide-angle lens. It offers you a wide visual experience. Thus, it reduces the blind area to ensure a safe driving experience.

Thanks to the Sony Starvis sensor and F1.8 large aperture with a glass lens to give the superb night vision. The camera can capture clear and detailed images at night time. Another feature that helps this product to stand out in the market is the built-in voice commands. No need to touch the interface rather says command and the camera will operate accordingly.

Thus, it offers a comfortable driving experience, you will face no distraction, rather use voice command and stay focused on your driving.

The extra GPS module is another feature that tracks the real-time speed for driving and trajectory. This keeps in check the activity going on when you are not in the car.

You can use GV player to check recorded videos on PC. This feature keeps your car safe. When you activate the reversing feature, it immediately turns on parking guidelines. This helps in providing convenient parking.

  • Voice command feature
  • Recording feature available
  • Reversing feature for convenient car parking
  • Large responsive 12-inch display
  • 2k front resolution for videos
  • No wifi feature
  • There is a need for an extra module for the GPS


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