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Some Secret Features Wireless backup Cameras for Cars

Wireless backup cameras for cars

Ever had difficulty backing up your car on a busy road, having to crane your neck to get a view of what your mirrors cannot show? While reversing, there may also sometimes be obstacles in the vehicle’s blind spot that cause unnecessary hindrance. The only solution to this dilemma is to install the wireless backup camera in your car.

What are wireless backup cameras for cars?

Since its first use in 1956, backup cameras are popularly used pieces of modern technology. Backup cameras, also referred to as “reversing cameras” or “rear-view cameras” are video cameras meant to aid in backing-up.

These are wireless cameras attached to the rear side of the car so that the driver can easily see the rear blind-spot. The camera is connected to the head unit display in front of the driver.

The zone directly behind any vehicle is often called the ‘killing zone’ because of the potential dangers of accidents while backing up. This camera is installed especially for the purpose of avoiding accidents caused by backup collisions. This is made possible because these cameras help alleviate the rear blind-spot and thereby allow the driver to identify any obstacles in the path.

Features of the wireless backup cameras

  • The wireless camera set has a wireless camera and a reliever

This makes installation easier

Easy Installation of wireless backup camera in 2019
Easy Installation of wireless backup camera in 2019
  • The display image is horizontally flipped

This feature makes the image a mirror image which is necessary because if this is not done, the camera’s left would be on the driver’s right since the two face opposite directions. The orientation of the camera and the physical mirrors is thereby the same

  • The camera has a fisheye or wide-angle lens

This lens, although limits the distance to which it can see, allows a view from one rear corner to another.

Wide range camera angle

This thereby allows the driver to view all obstacles directly behind the car.

  • The camera is tilted slightly downwards

If it were facing straight backwards, it would only allow a vision of the walls or other cars directly behind the vehicle.

Downward tilt backup camera view on screen
Downward tilt backup camera view on screen

This slight tilt means that the driver can see potential obstacles that are on the ground while also letting him gauge the distance from the obstacles directly behind.

  • It automatically shows the backup view when the car is set in reverse

Reverse mode backup camera
Reverse mode backup camera

This wireless backup camera is designed such that it can display maps or other content at all times and switch to the backup view when the car is reversing.

  • Some backup cameras can switch to night vision in dark places

When in such darkness that the car’s reverse lights are insufficient to show a clear view, the cameras can use infrared lights to switch to night vision.

With its growing popularity and use, very soon backup cameras will be seen in nearly every other car. If your car does not have one now, it will in the coming years. Its obvious advantages are bound to attract more consumers and this modern-day technology will become much more common in the coming century.

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