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Top Best Rearview Wireless Backup Camera For Trailer [Expert Picks]

Cameras are of great importance in our lives. From photography to earning money to providing the security they do much more for us.

In vehicles, we all know how hard it was to adjust the mirror to look at what’s coming from the back, especially when the vehicle is giant like a trailer. Moreover, you need to keep the mirror clean and protect it from damage. And it used to be a hell ride when your mirror broke off. How would you see what’s coming behind you?

Also, constantly looking from the mirror might sometimes not be that useful. To help us and get rid of that, rearview cameras were introduced. Which are of great importance. But there are a lot of rearview cameras in the market to choose from. And depending on your vehicle, the compatibility with your vehicle, your budget, and other factors, the decision of picking the best possible backup camera for you becomes very challenging.

So, to help you out of this tough decision, we’ve done extensive research and hand-picked only the best backup camera, especially for your trailer. The products mentioned in this list might have some similar and different features, however, they all are worth investing in to have a safe and secure driving experience while saving both your life and accidental damage that will cost you a huge amount of money.

Best Backup Camera For Trailer: Top Picks By Industry Expert

QuickVu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System with 4.3″ Color Monitor

QuickVu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Features & Specs
Screen Size4.3 Inch
Connection TypePlugin
Night VisionAutomatic LED-enhanced
Viewing AngleWide 150 degree diagonal
Batteries‎2 AA batteries (included)
Compatible WithCars, Trucks, RVs, Trailers, and more
Return & Warranty30-day Return Policy and Full-Year Warranty


  • Plug-in connector type.
  • 4.3-inch screen size.
  • Simple installation.
  • LED enhancement for night vision.
  • Long-range interference-free transmission.
  • Wide diagonal viewing 150” degree angle.
  • High compatibility with different vehicles

QuickVu is another good option for rearview cameras and it is wireless. This wireless backup camera for the trailer is a very good option. As trailers are long vehicles, a rear camera would help to see what’s coming back to your vehicle.

This QuickVu digital wireless backup camera is easy to set and install. If you are someone who wants to get a perfect backup camera that isn’t very hard to install and set up, this one is perfect for your vehicle. One of the best features of this backup camera is its quick functionality and easy installation, a combination that will be suitable for most people. Also, it is less expensive.

The Camera LCD Monitor

The dedicated 4.3” LCD diagonal screen gives a high-quality, wide vertical and horizontal image that covers everything behind your vehicle. Along with a back guide to the estimation of the distance, QuickVu digital camera monitor has a pedestal that sticks easily to the dashboard, so the setup is easy and effortless. A simple cable provided with the monitor can easily be connected to the power port of the vehicle. So, this LCD monitor provided a perfect diagonal viewing angle covering everything that is needed.

The Camera

With AA batteries that last longer than a year, the backup camera system comes equipped with a wide-angle lens that allows a 150” wide-angle diagonal viewing. This wide-angle lens covers everything behind your vehicle that you aren’t able to see on your own. While the CMOS image sensor offers high sensitivity in conditions of low light, the LED light up the screen during the night darkness. It also supports a long battery life, along with LED and light sensors that provide the perfect night vision even in absolute darkness.

With a sensitive, high RF gain, this backup camera gives the best transmission of digital signals, even when it’s across far distances. This durable, rugged, and weatherproof camera is perfectly suited for all weather conditions, be it the scorching heat of summers, or the cold of winters. The active NightVision system gives perfect visibility in all light conditions.

The Installation Process

The installation of a QuickVu digital backup camera is as easy as ACB, without needing any drilling, or toolkits and the entire process takes only 5 minutes. All you have to do is simply bolt this backup camera to where you want it, like on the number plate, then mount it onto the dash and plug in the monitor to the power outlet, or the cigarette receptacle. See, that’s all you have to do! With this backup camera, you can have everything you need.

Bottom Line

If you think installing a camera is a hard and tiring job, this QuickVu digital camera is a great option! With this camera, you will not need any assistance with installation. While there are many benefits, the only disadvantage that comes with this backup camera is that with the sturdiness of the product, but if you want a decent parking assistant, this is a great offer.

  • Easy installation.
  • High-definition images.
  • Interference-free signal transmissions.
  • Wide-angle viewing.
  • Good night vision
  • Battery replacement after few months.

PEAK ‎PKC0BU4 Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera

PEAK ‎PKC0BU4 Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera Features & Specifications
Item Dimensions LxWxH8 x 9.6 x 4.6 inches
Screen Size4.3 Inch
Display TechnologyLCD
Transmitter2.4 GHz wireless
Voltage12 Volts
Batteries1 Lithium-ion batteries required
Used ForCars, SUVs, Trucks, RV’s or for Towing Boats or Campers


  • 4.3” LCD screen size.
  • 12 Voltage.
  • LCD technology.
  • Versatile.
  • Water-resistant engineered.
  • Night vision.
  • Hassle-free installation

Peak PKC0BU4 wireless digital backup camera is a perfect backup camera for different vehicles like cars, trucks, or minivans. This weatherproof camera is designed perfectly for all weather conditions and can easily be mounted to the vehicle’s license plate. Get this car backup camera and install it in as little as only 5 minutes. With perfect functionality and multiple features, this backup camera can be a great choice for your vehicle!

The Camera Monitor

The peak PKC0BU4 backup camera has a monitor that can easily be mounted on the windshield or the dashboard of the vehicle. With a 12V operation, this camera monitor is set with the cigarette lighter outlet and will turn on when with the ignition. With a 4.3-inch clear LCD display, you can use the 5 large buttons to adjust your settings and control the monitor as you like. The camera system comes with an instruction manual, so you can easily set it up, and follow for any guidance with its use.  

The Camera

This backup camera ensures perfect durability with its weatherproof feature, making it suitable for all types of weather. The versatile nature of Peak PKC0BU4 makes it ideal for all sorts of vehicles like minivans, cars, trucks, etc. This camera is attached to the back of the vehicle and transmits the image to the LCD monitor. This Peak backup camera is also perfectly equipped with superior night vision offering the best safety during your night journeys. The durability with its weatherproof nature makes it suitable for even the harshest conditions. The camera is designed with a solid body design, set to withstand all the roughness and harshness of your drives.


This camera supports easy, simple, and hassle-free installation in any vehicle in just about 5 minutes. Don’t worry about drilling holes into your car to set this camera up because there is as little as only one hole required at maximum. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installation or calling someone to set your camera up, let Peak PKC0BU4-05 be your choice! You can enjoy an easy, hassle-free, and clean installation into any vehicle like cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, campers, trailers, and much more!

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a camera that requires easy installation, and one that is durable, the PEAK ‎PKC0BU4 backup camera is an excellent backup camera choice. Being affordable in price, and offering superior features, this camera is one of the best options that you have for your vehicle. Although the screen size is seen as small by some people, the superior features outweigh the advantages offered. Be sure to consider this backup camera when you are on a hunt for the best ones.

  • Easy installation.
  • Good image reproduction.
  • Perfect night vision.
  • High compatibility.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Wide, easy viewing angle.
  • Small screen size

Pyle PLCMDVR72 Dash Cam Recorder – Front & Rear View Camera

Coming towards the expensive one we have the Pyle backup camera. Which is costly than the other two above mentioned but has its distinct qualities as well. The Pyle camera comes with two dash cameras along with a backup camera and a beautiful LED monitor. This is why it is expensive than the others.

But it is not a wireless camera it has a long wire. The minus point this camera has is it is not workable for night traveling due to the no LED light so it can not assist in darkness.


With more improvements and good quality, we have an RVS-HD camera. Which is in a list of expensive cameras but it is worth the price. It is designed to withstand bad weather conditions. It is specifically designed for long vehicles therefore it is not an ideal camera for small vehicles like cars etc. This is also not a wireless camera but the good thing is it has no signal interference issues.

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