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Top best Rear View Wireless Backup Camera For Trailer Available in Market

Cameras are of great importance in our lives. From photography to earning money from security to providing help they do much more for us.

In vehicles we all know how hard it was to adjust the mirror to look what’s coming from the back. Clean it. And to protect it from damaging. And it used to be a hell ride, when your mirror broke off.

Also constantly, looking from the mirror might sometime not that useful. To help us and get rid ourselves from that rear view cameras were introduced. Which are of great importance. But there are a lot of rear view cameras in market to choose.

And to select the best of them here we have selected few of the most purchased rear view cameras.

Peak PKC0BU4:

The first thing we all look for is, a rear view camera with best outcome and in low price. For that, we have Peak camera which is low in cost than many others. Is very good to provide you the image behind your car. The minus point come when it takes a few moment to clear the picture.

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It comes with a LCD monitor which you can stand on your dash and though it looks a little clumsy but it stay there. The important thing is it has two versions, an old analogue version and a new digital version. Go for the digital one. The camera is mounted below the license plate.

QuickVu Digital wireless:

QuickVu is another good option for rear view cameras. It is wireless. This wireless backup camera for trailer is very good option. As they are long vehicles a rear camera would help to see you what’s coming back your vehicle. Also it is less expensive but a little more than the above mentioned.

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The minus points it have are that the battery needs to be replaced periodically and it is way more bulkier and heavy than the other cameras. But If it doesn’t bother you just go for it.

Quickvu backup camera review by customers:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Easy Install and No Wiring

March 12, 2018
Verified Purchase

Pro: Very easy install and it works as expected.
Cons: Only minor issues really, I had to buy longer license plate mounting bolts to install the camera.

Also since I didn’t want to glue the enclosed mount to my dashboard I purchased a Kenu Airframe Pro mount (thru Amazon) which allowed me to attach it to a dashboard air vent. (Review taken from Amazon)


Coming towards the expensive one we have Pyle backup camera. Which is costly than the other two above mentioned but have its distinct qualities as well. The Pyle camera comes with two dash cameras along with a backup camera and a beautiful LED monitor. Which is why it is expensive than the others.

But it is not a wireless camera it has a long wire. The minus point this camera have is it is not workable for night travelling due the no LED light it can not assist in darkness.


With more improvements and good quality we have RVS-HD camera. Which is in a list of expensive cameras but it is worth the price. It is designed to withstand bad weather conditions. It is specifically designed for long vehicles therefore it is not an ideal camera for small vehicles like cars etc. This is also not a wireless camera but the good thing is it has no signal interference issues.

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