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Tutorial How to Install a AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera Tutorial

Auto-Vox M1W Wireless Backup Camera Review

AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera
Screen Size4.3 inches
Compatible withTruck, Sedan
Night VisionSuperior with 6 LED bulbs
Resolution480×272 – RGB
Temperature resistance25 to 65 degrees centigrade
ProcessorDigital HD image processor
Item Weight1.28 pounds

Backup cameras are very useful for vehicles because they act like extra eyes that help the driver with their driving. Like other backup cameras, the auto vox backup camera helps you with safe and effortless parking and driving. With auto vox wireless backup camera, you can easily park your car in the tightest places, and even find obstacles that come up unexpectedly, that otherwise often are skipped.

Enjoy absolute freedom from tensions of complex wiring, as this backup camera is wireless with a long reception distance range that gives a stable image even from a distance. A high-definition digital image processor gives a clear image, and the 6 bright LED lights turn on automatically in the dark, improving your image and vision at the night.

The Camera supports a wireless waterproof transmitter that is flexible in terms of location for installation. A 4.3-inch monitor is included that has a suction mount with sticky suction that can easily be mounted on the dashboard or the windshield. Get this auto-vox wireless backup camera and make your driving easy and reduce accidents during reversing.

Key Features At A Glance

  • 170-degree wide-angle view
  • Wireless design that supports a hassle-free and long-range reception distance
  • 6 bright LED lights for night vision
  • Wireless waterproof transmitter
  • Rearview camera
  • 4.3-inch monitor with a suction mount lined with sticky silicon
  • 360-degree bracket for rotation
  • Reversing-light power source for the camera
  • Washable and reusable suction pad
  • Easy and hassle-free auto-vox rear view mirror installation
  • Safe and easy parking even in tight spaces and avoiding unexpected obstacles
  • Freedom from a complex wiring system with easy installation and long-range for signal reception. This gives a stable image even in open areas
  • Clearer image and LED lights for night vision help you see better in daylight and darkness
  • Flexibility in location for installation, as it can easily be installed on the sides of the car, on the bottom, or near the car’s reversing light
  • Waterproof feature makes it durable and stays free from the worry of water destroying the camera
  • The big screen size of the monitor allows easy viewing, and the sticky silicon suction can easily be mounted on the dashboard or n the windshield. Moreover, this mount is reusable as it can be washed and used again.
  • It has high compatibility with different types of vehicles like cars, jeeps, trucks, etc.
  • Some may find the screen size to be small
  • There can be some signal interference on some occasions
  • The cable may be short

Ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones with the backup camera that can help you improve your driving and parking. Wireless support makes it easier to install and set as compared to the traditional cable complexity. Moreover, a clearer angle and image is presented with the 170-degree wide-angle view. Enjoy the safety of yourself and your loved ones, and those around you. This is worth your money because safety should never be compromised. Keep your loved ones safe with this useful, one-time investment

AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera
Screen Size5 Inches
Compatible withMedium Sized Vehicles, less than 33ft
Powered by SunYes
Wireless Digital Frequency2.4G
Night VisionExcellent
Viewing Angle110°
Item Weight2.38 pounds

A broadcasting tailback help camera setup has several remunerations above an outdated holdup camera system. The auto vox solar wireless Backup camera may possibly be a better choice. Likewise devising its rearmost camera without wires conveys a videotape sign fit for the involved anterior display. In this way, there is no need to worry about wadding connections into the sleek cladding. As a result, this makes fixing the system quite easy and quicker compared to an underwired backup camera system.

  • The central escalating prop for the back camera there presents a solar chargeable stripe. It is present at the end where an official number plate is fixed.
  • The camera is connected to a battery which requires being fully charged once a year as it gets sun exposure of about 30 min every day.
  • Customers like to select a broadcasting backup camera for clips. As it is problematic to carry a long wire backup camera and to fix it in the car.
  • A different thing you might do dependent on your inclination is to fix it to the rearmost mirror. In this way, you could have an actual backup camera which helps in car parking.
  • Also, it is easy to install as the Auto vox backup camera and solar battery fit on the same plate. All you need to do is separate the number plate and slip the plate while inserting the solar battery and wireless backup camera in.
  • The latest version of the Auto vox solar wireless backup camera has no remote as an alternative a button is to start up the camera.
  • This backup camera is not suitable for people who like high-definition quality videos. However, it is suitable for people who like a simple camera.

Auto VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera
Screen Size4.3 inches
Compatible withVehicles less than 32ft
Viewing Angle110°
Temperature Resistance-4°F~149°F
Parking LinesAdjustable
Item Weight1.09 pounds

Auto vox backup camera is specifically designed for providing extreme falling alteration in the move backward. Also, its design intends to evade intrusion. As we put on the numerical short wave or wireless expertise in this system. It provides the driver a secure and vibrant audiovisual deprived of in a row of the tough audiovisual hawser. Thus making the car parking easy, well-organized, and secure.

The numerical indication is abundantly naive as compared to the indications that are analogous. It comprises chains of distinct pulsations demonstrating signals in digital form as 0 and 1.

To some extent, an intrusion is effectively eradicated as soon as the headset distinguishes either a 1 or a 0 was pass on.

Besides all of these auto vox deals in one year guarantee with one-month payment back assuredly.

  • Auto vox backup camera provides an unchanging numerical indicator transference.
  • Its short wave setup provides an easy setup for the user.
  • It has an integrated spreader converse camera.
  • Its system gave an extraordinary affinity to the cars.
  • Also, it has long-lasting fittings with it.
  • Its built-in system has a discretionary car park track along with double use of the anterior and back camera.
  • It gave a high definition standard and reflect the quality of an image.
  • Besides all of its benefits, the auto vox backup camera has a disadvantage. It has a small antenna so while inserting it in the car you have to fix it in an upright position. In this way, the antenna can capture the maximum amount of signals.

AUTO-VOX T1400 Wireless Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera
Screen Size4.3 inches
Night VisionSuper
Temperature Resistance-13℉to 149℉
Wireless Signal Frequency2.4G
Item Weight1.76 pounds

Auto voxt1400 wireless backup camera utilizes broadcast audiovisual transmission instead of using wires. Consequently, its setup system is easier and can be fixed within no time. Furthermore, everyone demands a durable, strong scheme that attaches easily to almost every automobile. It does not matter which automobile you are driving Auto voxt1400 to attach simply to the official number plate.

  • This camera kit has a 3 portion enterprise. First one is the camera has a squashed structure that is hardly bigger than a knothole. Also, it is secure in a dark bag along with series of ultraviolet LED’s which give clear vision at night. Similarly, it is resistant to water.
  • The broadcasting transmitter is the 2nd part which more or less looks like a walkie-talkie. It has a 6-inch long antenna attached to it.
  • The rearmost backup mirror camera is the 3rd It has a small button to turn the display screen. It is also known to strengthen backup outlines as these are hard to regulate.
  • Its design is alluring and liked by most people.
  • It is very simple to install first of all you have to fix the Auto voxt1400 backup camera. In the upgraded version of Auto voxt1400, no wiring is required while fixing it. Also, it has 4 support systems to properly secure it.
  • The one disadvantage is Auto voxt1400 wireless backup camera does not store the videos. Somehow it is correct because most of the backup cameras did not offer video storing features.
  • Secondly, its resolution power is low for reading number plates or for fine details.

AUTO-VOX T9 Backup Camera

AUTO-VOX T9 Backup Camera
Screen Size9.35 inches
Parking Grid LinesAdjustable
Horizontal Angle115°
Vertical Angle61°
Temperature Resistance-4℉ to 149℉
Item Weight3.01 pounds

Auto VoxT9 backup cameras have a sturdy base of contented clients all around the world. The record methods and cameras are superficial as in case of any difficulty it is resolved instantly. Also, it has a good serving team that responds promptly. Similarly, it has a vast variety of implements from simple underwired standby cameras and race display screens to double the efficiency of anterior and back video plotters.


  • Auto voxT9 backup camera consists of coursing broadcasting display screen which shows road situations after the truck in actual.
  • Deprive of being stuck by customary problems for example payload, automobile design, or any other heavy traffic.
  • Complete processes can be over by just one touch. Auto voxT9 monitor with stronger support can be a real substitute despite any loss.
  • The display screen provides a spacious environment in the truck and retains the mirror firmly separated from shocks and tremors.
  • The camera provides high definition picture and video quality.
  • The display will demonstrate the back vision with the help of grating outlines. Every time you swipe right on the monitor you will direct to the inverse way instead of linking to the back camera.
  • The grating outlines show spontaneously on the screen. You can go up and down the gridiron in the non-gridiron zone to regulate the backing vision angle.
  • There are two methods to fix the back camera. Firstly, fix the back camera after the number plate devoid of puncturing any hovels.
  • Secondly, the back camera at the back window of the car without worrying about the outdoor climate.
  • Auto voxT9 backup camera is best for trucks, buses, and sports utility vehicles.
  • Easy Multi-installation process.
  • Automatic grid lines display.
  • Provides best software GUI experience.
  • Covers wide angle
  • Reduces blindspot
  • Camera results may be blurry sometimes.
  • Signals inference may occur sometimes.

Tutorial How to Install a AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera

The easiest way to install AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Backup Camera on your Vehicle . Watch the whole video and I am sure you will be satisfied till the end 😀

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