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Tutorial How to Install a Camecho RC 12V 24V Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera Tutorial

What are backup cameras? Here’s your guide!

Believe it or not, the fast-paced world that we live in has brought in new changes in our lifestyles, of course positive ones. While some technological development can be risky such as vehicles, newer technologies come to make them a safer option to use. Backup cameras are among the newer technologies that have made driving much safer than it ever was. If you haven’t heard about them yet, make sure to read this!

What are backup cameras?

Also known as a rear-view or reversing camera, it is designed for being attached to a vehicle to help it in backing up or reversing. They are usually connected to the vehicle’s head unit display and show the backup view so the driver can know what is behind him/her without having to turn around or to look in the side mirrors.

Where to get a good backup camera for your car?

People often ask the question “who installs backup cameras near me?” Like Camecho, there are many companies that are specialized in providing backup cameras and others that provide camera installation services. There is a great variety available online and in stores. While there are several camera options that you can choose from, below we have given an example of a Camecho wireless backup camera which is a good option for you to use.

Once you have decided which camera to buy, you can hire services to get your camera installed.

Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit

This Camecho backup camera is a refined version of a moderate size camera that can ideally be used for a trailer, truck, campers, vans, farmer cars etc. This waterproof backup camera is easy to install and comes with a comprehensive installation guide along with technical support providing you a complete relief package to make the most of!


  • 12V backup camera
  • HD picture quality
  • Wireless and wired combination
  • Waterproof and mud proof
  • A voltage of 9V to 35V
  • 2 channel video input


  • Waterproof backup camera
  • Night vision for the best view at night
  • Easy to install
  • Stable wireless single for proper usage
  • 120 view wide-angle
  • Guidelines provided
  • On reversing to park, the camera switches to V2 to help you park accurately


  • Expensive
  • May have some signal issues

Advantages of backup cameras

Here are a few reasons why you should have a backup camera.

  1. It saves lives

Many accidents have occurred as a result of wrong reversing leading to crashes. With a backup camera installed, you can drive safely hence saving not only the lives of your loved ones but of others as well.

  1. Easing your drive

With a backup camera installed, you will be free from the need of turning your head around to see the cars behind you. Hence, you can drive safely and easily with a backup camera installed.

So, are you convinced why you need to get a backup camera for your car? If we look at the benefits of the backup cameras, you will be convinced why you should buy one!


Review of the Carmecho wire less back up camera. It has a wide angle lens easy to install 8500 miles later its a keeper. here is the amazon link I hope? Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit + 7″ TFT LCD Monitor Parking Assistance System For Truck / Van / Caravan / Trailers / Camper



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