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Tutorial How to Install a Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera Tutorial


Here is a quick video on how to install the Garmin BC 30, which uses certain types of Garmin GPS units. Make sure that if you go this route, that you get the one specific to your GPS. This will work on just about any car.

Installing a top-notch rear-view camera like a garmin bc 30 wireless backup camera can enhance your driving experience. You would no longer have to face any blind-spot while propelling your car or truck in a backward direction. In this quick guide, you will get to know about the main specs and features of this digital tool. You will also learn about the installation method required to set it up for optimal performance.

Having a well-lit and wide-angle view while you are reversing your vehicle can make a big difference to your overall driving experience. Even if you are not a safety-conscious person it would come in handy for you.

You would acquire the confidence of smoothly propelling your car in rearwards directions. This would also minimize your chances of bumping in another car or passenger behind you.  Moreover below you will have a good idea about Garmin gps with backup camera, as how it can be be synced with your GPS.

View Footage on Your GPS Navigator’s Display

Backing up a car that is fully packed can be quite a challenge. You would have several blind zones because of the obstructions in your field of view. Once you properly install the BC 30, you can instantly toggle between your GPS mode and your rear-view. You can also sync it with your gear so that you can automatically get backside view when you reverse your car.

No matter how carefully you drive your car, you can always end with hard-to-see objects that can affect your precision. Once paired with the electrical circuit of your car, you will never have to take any risks.

Product Features and Specs
  • Image sensor: 1/3″ 7-type color CMOS with VGA (640 x 480) resolution
  • Camera resolution: 240P (with compatible Garmin navigator)
  • Field of view: 115° vertical and 140° horizontal
  • Wireless transmission: the range is 45 ft. (13.5 m)
  • Water rating: IPX7, submersible to 3.3′ (1 m) for 30 min
  • Frame rate: a maximum of 15 FPS
  • Transmitter cable length: 50 cm (19.6″)
  • Power cable: 3 m (9.85 ft)
  • Warranty: 1 year
Installation Guide: How to Install Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera?

For installation purposes of  Garmin backup camera , the company highly recommends hiring an auto-electrician. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast, then you might be able to take on this task on your own. You would have to be mentally prepared for drilling into the body of your car.

Some of the basic tools you’ll need to include are mentioned in the following list:

  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • Drilling machine
  • Cable ties
  • Transmitter
  • Electrical tape
  • Extra wire
  • Splice connectors
  • Accessory plug
  • Multimeter

To connect the gadget with the transmitter, you’ll have to mount it on your license plate or other suitable places. When it comes to routing the camera, you would have to find a hole or crevice from where the cable can enter into the vehicle. You would also have to fix the camera-mounting bracket on top of your license plate.

In order to set up the connection, you would have to solder heat-shrink tubing. The weatherproofing of the splice connectors also plays a key role in a sustainable connection. The placement of these wires makes them susceptible to the wear and tear effects of the weather. You should also test the connection with a multimeter before making any final adjustments. In the end, make sure to utilize cable ties to minimize the possibilities of ending up with loose cables.

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