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Type S Solar-Powered HD quick connect a wireless backup camera

Why you should have a backup camera

We all are well aware of how important it is to have a backup wireless camera mounted at the back of your car. This gadget is very essential and significant for the user as this helps in parking and reversing your vehicle. This device is made solely to be attached to the back of your vehicle and the setup basically sends the driver an image showing the scenario behind the car, acting as a shield for drivers.

Driving definitely makes everyone nervous, regardless of whether you have been driving for quite a while now or are a licensed driver for years, certain circumstances on the road can make you nervous.

Initially, a friend would be utilized to turn their heads and indicate something behind the car to prevent accidents but now almost every car has a backup camera and this has become a very important and significant gadget.

Similarly, solar-powered gadgets are very popular as well. They are followed by a number of advantages as are reversed cameras. What’s more interesting then is a solar-powered reverse camera. For similar reasons, we have a perfect product for you that is not just solar-powered, wireless but also HD to best suit your needs and provide excellent output.


If you’re looking for a wide-angle, easy to set-up, and HD camera for your luxurious car then this is the right product for you. Solar-powered wireless cameras are always very easy to install and they help you to master the art of driving.

Now that you are well aware of the advantages that a backup camera brings along with it, what’s even better is having a solar-powered wireless backup camera. We are well aware of how solar-powered gadgets are so popular these days as solar energy is very affordable today in comparison to what it used to be.

Considering a backup camera that is wireless and is powered through the sun, proves how significant this product is! You receive sunlight from being anywhere outdoors and have no fear of the battery power to run out.

Thinking of how necessary is annual maintenance of backup cameras, you receive a perk of not having to maintain it as much as the camera is already receiving its power and charging from the sun.

Type S sensors are always a great option to be included in any vehicle. It’s very fairly simple to mount the sensor on the license plate as the backup camera is wireless and will not require a route to be drilled across your car.

Know that this Type S sensor is very intelligent and responsive, immediately portrays a clear image of what’s behind the car. This solar-powered Type S HD Camera easily installs on your license plate and provides an HD image of the view behind you on the monitor ahead. The monitor literally activates with your hand movements and is activated for 60 seconds so you can reverse your vehicle efficiently without bumping.


  • Solar powered rechargeable license plate frame
  • HD backup camera for clear HD image
  • Power saving mode when parked outdoors for 30 minutes.
  • HD 720P Video for the monitor
  • 5” LCD Colour camera Monitor
  • Reverse Camera has a G-sensor technology.
  • 5” Gesture Activated Monitor
  • Resistant to any weather condition
  • Easy to install and mount on your license plate.
  • Simply activate the camera by hand gestures.
  • *Easy installation and pairing

  • *Solar powered, the battery doesn’t run out
  • *Resistant towards extreme weather conditions
  • *Wide angle, HD camera
  • *Has battery saving mode
  • *Intelligent sensor that is very responsive
  • *Mounting process requires a manual at times

  • *Suction cup hardly sticks to the dashboard
  • *Although resistant to weather conditions, the camera is not waterproof.
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding backup Solar Powered  reverse cameras

*Does the camera only charge with sunlight only?

Of course, there are conditions where the car is not exposed to sunlight at all for some period for instance during rains. This doesn’t mean that your car will not charge at all. There is a power cord and a USB connector that the camera comes with. Power cord helps to power the monitor and the USB connector is for your camera charging on the license plate.

*Camera is powered on at all times?

No, this camera has a specific time period of activation that is 60 seconds. Bear in mind that 60 seconds are enough for you to reverse your vehicle. The camera will however turn on and activate whenever you want but for 60 seconds only.

*Can backup cameras be mounted in front?

This may be an odd thing to consider as the gadget is called a ‘backup camera’ and is for the purposes of reversing but fairly speaking if it fulfills your needs, for instance, to avoid hitting something in front, then for sure, you can mount the camera in front as it would work the same.

*Why does the screen not work unless you plug it with a power source?

Basically the monitor of this camera is not rechargeable, hence it doesn’t come with a battery. If you want to provide a power source to this gadget consider plugging in a cigarette lighter or a micro USB power source to activate the monitor.

*What is G-sensor technology?

G-sensor technology, also termed as, an accelerometer is a sensor used to detect any direction changes, for instance in this case in cameras. This sensor helps to provide and pass the back footage of what’s behind to your monitor.

*Why is the footage on the monitor blurry?

In case the footage on your monitor appears blurry or dirty, then this doesn’t necessarily mean you have broken your camera. This situation often occurs when the camera is dirty. You can simply clean the lens of the camera with a piece of fabric and do not worry about getting a complete car wash!

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