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What to Look for When Selecting a Wireless Backup Camera for 5th Wheel RV

Wireless cameras are backup cameras that do not require cabling to run through your vehicle from the camera to the monitor. Wiring the system through the vehicle is the most difficult part of the process of installation and wireless camera systems relieve you of this hassle.

This, however, does not mean that it requires no wiring. The camera is wired into the existing power wires in the vehicle and this cuts down the installation time to under an hour.

Wireless Backup Camera System IP69K Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera Yuwei
Wireless Backup Camera System IP69K Waterproof Wireless Rear View Camera Yuwei

For your 5th wheel RV, a system that requires a digital signal instead of an analog type will be a better option since it is more reliable.

What to consider before installing Wireless Backup Camera

Monitor size

One might think the bigger the monitor, the easier it would be to back up, but that is certainly not true. If your monitor size is too big, it will block your view of the front. If it is too small, it will make things difficult. Monitor sizes normally range from 3-10 inches and the ideal monitor size for your 5th wheel RV would be between 5-7 inches.

Field of view

The field of view of a backup camera ranges from 90 to 210 degrees. Again, ‘bigger the better’ is not true. The 210 degrees view is too wide for you 5th wheel RV. This view is too wide to be accurately displayed on the screen. This ultimately leads to a fish-eye effect that distorts the actual distances from the obstacles.

The 90-degree view, on the other hand, will allow only 45 degrees from the center on each side. This is too narrow a view because it just covers the blind spot, which would mean that you would constantly have to see the mirrors alongside the monitor to see anyone approaching the blind stop.

Wireless Backup Camera for Pickup Truck
Wireless Backup Camera for Pickup Truck

The ideal field of view for the wireless backup camera for 5th wheel RV would be something in between.130-degree view is suggested to be the best for this situation. This view allows the best possible compromise between clarity of the view and the width of the field. This scope allows you to see anything in the blind spot as well as anything approaching it.

CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) or CCD (charge coupled device) sensor?

The CCD will be a better option for your rearview camera. These sensors provide a high-quality image and because this sensor is sensitive to light, it provides good quality videos even in low light. The CMOS, on the other hand, needs more light to give low noise images.

Other features you should consider

Make sure that the rearview camera for your 5th wheel RV has night vision as well. Your cameras must have infrared LEDs so that you can see clearly when backing up in the dark. Also, remember to have waterproof backup cameras because you do not want even a slight drizzle to destroy your camera. Lastly, try to get a camera with a warranty of at least a year.

Rearview backup cameras are modern-day pieces of technology that make driving a lot easier and safer. Just make sure to get the ideal wireless camera by carefully considering the features so that you do not end up with a piece that cannot ensure your and others’ safety.

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