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Install Wireless Backup Camera for Jeep Wrangler & Enjoy Your Rider

The jeep wrangler is one of those vehicles that can be used by everyone. If you own one, then it means that you have a good sense of adventure. And this adventure can become an amazing one with a wireless backup camera for a jeep wrangler installed in it. In this article, you’ll figure out, where to mount a backup camera on a jeep wrangler.


Pretty Ride & Easy Reverse Gear With Backup Camera

When you own a jeep wrangler then you also like to have 4×4 aptitudes to test off-road. This vehicle was basically manufactured to go where only a few vehicles can. So, what are you waiting for?

Reverse backup camera installation in Jeep

If you own one, then take the top and doors off, prepare your hiking as well as bicycling gear and go on a ride where you will be able to feel the peaceful wind through your hair when you head off for the adventure.

But make sure you don’t go anywhere without installing a backup camera in your jeep wrangler to have real fun.

Buy A Jeep With Wireless Backup Camera Kit & Accessories

If you want to own a jeep wrangler, don’t buy it without doing good research about it. Consider its pros and cons. It is important to take the wrangler for a test drive two or three times. Try to drive other vehicles too so that you will be able to know the difference between the wrangler and other vehicles.

Another major part before buying a jeep wrangler is that, concern the jeep owners or ex-owners and talk about its pros and cons and its properties.

Make a proper list of all the vehicular needs of yours and highlight those that wranglers cannot provide. After that test drives it again with the installed wireless backup camera for the jeep wrangler.

Best Backup Cameras for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep wrangler backup cameras have become a topic of discussion among drivers, amateur ones in particular. Ever since they were first introduced, backup cameras have helped drivers drive much more safely. Today all jeep wranglers come with a built-in backup camera system. Some of the best backup cameras for jeep wranglers are given below.

1. EchoMaster Backup Camera Kit

EchoMaster Backup Camera Kit
Screen Size4.3 Inches
Display TypeLCD
Item Dimensions LxWxH7.99 x 5.51 x 2 inches
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Item Weight1.72 pounds

This backup camera is compatible with JK model jeep wranglers. Its water-resistant build ensures durability and longevity while its wide-angle view (170-degree) and tri-color parking guidelines make backing up the jeep wrangler much easier. Its wide-angle view ensures that it covers a large area behind the vehicle and covers all blind spots, thereby reducing the risk of backup collision accidents. The device is also super easy to set up with an easy plug-and-play setup that you can handle even without professional experience.

The package includes a spare tire mount that can easily connect the camera to your jeep’s spare tire. The package will have an easy-to-install camera, spare mounting bracket, a wire harness and other cables for installation, a power adapter, a locking push nut, and an installation guide.

An interesting feature of its monitor is that it can be used for GPS directions as well. So the driver can enter a GPS destination into the monitor to get directions. Additionally, the monitor adds an A/V input and output location. The all-rounded features at a reasonable price make it a good choice for customers looking for a backup camera for their jeep wrangler. This device will be a great help for amateur jeep wrangler drivers.

  • Wide viewing angle with good coverage
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Easy-to-install and use
  • Includes parking lines to assist the driver when backing up the jeep wrangler
  • Instruction manual for setting up is vague and unclear

2. Roadpower Car Backup Camera Rear View Camera

Roadpower Car Backup Camera Rear View Camera
Item Weight‎2.18 pounds
Item Dimensions10.12 x 8.46 x 3.07 inches
LED Night VisionYes

Road power car backup camera for jeep wranglers is another great choice for drivers. The camera captures a high-quality color image of the surroundings, making it a perfect tool for getting a clear view behind the jeep wrangler. Its parking lines allow drivers to accurately and safely reverse their vehicle without having to rely on their side mirrors alone. The parking lines are a default feature of the camera. If you want to remove the guidelines, simply expose the two wires at the ‘parking line’ tag-on, and combine them using a butt connector.

The device comes with a spare tire mounting bracket for easy installation at the jeep wrangler’s spare tire. To connect the device to a power source, link the red wire from the camera cable to a 12-volt power supply. If there are any missing parts, you can easily contact the manufacturers and get a replacement.

The camera is waterproof so unfavorable weather conditions cannot affect the machinery or destroy the connection between the monitor and the camera. You need not worry about parking the vehicle in the rain. The camera also covers a wide-angle view so you can see all obstacles behind the jeep wrangler with ease.

  • Waterproof camera.
  • Wide-angle view.
  • High-quality coloured video capture.
  • Default parking lines to help drivers park their vehicles safely.
  • Poor installation instructions with the package.
  • The camera bracket is not durable.

3. EWAY Backup Reverse Camera for Jeep Wrangler

EWAY Backup Reverse Camera for Jeep Wrangler
Voltage12 Volts
Optical Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Item Dimensions10.55 x 8.15 x 3.23 inches
Item Weight2.2 pounds
Connector TypeRCA
Warranty30 Days
Angle150° Wide View
Resolution972(H) x 504(V)

EWAY backup reverse camera has it all. With its upgraded lens that gives a crystal clear image and excellent night vision, to its durability and strong construction, this backup camera is worth it. The device has an advanced Analogy High Definition feature that improves night vision tenfold. Even in low light levels, you will get a sharp and color-accurate view behind the jeep wrangler. The device can withstand harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from 4 to 158 degree-Fahrenheit.

The camera includes a built-in multi-function switcher using which you can adjust the guideline and PAL/NTSC as you wish. By cutting off the green line, you can switch off the PAL/NTSC. To remove the guidelines, take off the black cap in the guideline adjustable wires. Put it back if you want the guidelines back.

The camera covers an amazing 150-degree angle with its 1.7mm lens so it covers a wide area behind the jeep wrangler. Since it is also anti-interference, signal strength will not be affected even in harsh weather so you need not worry about lag.

  • Wide-angle view to cover a large area.
  • Upgraded lens and crystal clear image quality.
  • Guidelines that can be turned on or off.
  • Great night vision.
  • Slight colour distortion.
  • Since it is a licence plate camera, the image is displaced from the centre.

4. eRapta ERT11 3rd Generation Backup Camera License Plate Rear View Reversing Camera

eRapta ERT11 3rd Generation Backup Camera License Plate Rear View Reversing Camera
Item Dimensions10.28 x 3.27 x 1.85 inches
Item Weight10.2 ounces
Connector TypeRCA
Compatible withCar, Pickup, Truck, SUV, Minivan, Tractor, Trailer and Sedans
Angle149˚ Wide View

This eRapta ERT11 3rd generation backup camera is the perfect blend of quality and durability. Its HD720P camera lens gives an amazing 1280 x 720 resolution. Its starlight night vision uses starlight image sensors that give an amazingly clear view even in the dead of the night.

The device can be installed using multiple installation methods. The package includes 2 brackets that you can use for any of the 5 installation methods. The camera can be mounted on the license plate, on the middle of the bumper, or on the tailgate handle, among others. Its mirror function means that the camera can be used as both a front and a rearview camera.

The device is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including cars, pickups, SUVs, trucks, Jeep Wranglers, and others. The camera is powered by a 12-24 DC power supply.

Being waterproof, this can operate perfectly even when it is raining. Because of its exquisite sealed design, it can withstand not only rain but also extreme temperatures ranging from -58 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Durable and secure
  • Waterproof and temperature-resistant
  • Multiple installation methods for convenience
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicles
  • HD resolution and great night vision
  • In vehicles with dim reverse lights, night vision is not very clear
  • Difficult to install

5. Pyle Flush Mount Rear View Camera

Pyle Flush Mount Rear View Camera
Voltage12 Volts
Item Dimensions18.31 x 12.2 x 9.65 inches
Lux rating0.5
Item Weight8.8 ounces
Connector TypeRCA
Optical Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Angle90 Degrees
Resolution420 TVL

If you are looking for a jeep wrangler backup camera that is less costly but does the job perfectly, this camera is a good choice. This professional backup camera includes IR night vision lights that automatically turn on and off so that you can drive safely even in the dark. The camera has a good resolution, HD 480P to allow for a clear enough view to preventing backing up collision accidents efficiently. Together with its 170-degree wide-angle view, you are guaranteed a clear and wide-angle view behind your jeep wrangler.

The device is both dust and waterproof, so it would not get damaged by bad weather conditions or outdoor exposure. It is also super easy to install with its flush mount. Its friendly and highly responsive customer service is an added benefit.

The package contains a color 28mm Hole saw, an RV backup camera, a video cable, and a 1.2M power cable. The item weighs 6.3 ounces and is 3.15 x 1.57 x 6.3 inches.

  • Waterproof and dustproof construction to maximize durability
  • Easy-to-install
  • Night vision with infrared lights
  • Wide-angle view
  • The colour distorts and the picture turns magenta sometimes
  • No backup/guidelines for assistance

How to Install a Backup Camera in Jeep Wrangler?

Generally speaking, the best way to mount a jeep wrangler backup camera is to mount it behind the vehicle’s spare wheel and to connect this to the stereo set. Alternatively, the jeep camera system can be set up using the monitor that comes with the package. For jeep wrangler backup camera installation, follow the steps explained below.

Step 1: Collect the Required Tools. For installing a jeep backup camera, get 7mm and 10mm sockets, a Phillips screwdriver, a 3/8” wrench, a soldering iron, heat shrink tubing, and a plastic trim removal device. Also, bring in an electric tape and a 1 3/8 hole saw if you have them.

Step 2: To remove the spare tire, loosen the nuts and install studs inside the tire carrier.

Step 3: Slide on the camera after adjusting it so that it fits your wheel. For wheels that have large offsets, use the longer bracket. The shorter one is for factory offset wheels.

Step 4: then remove the spare tire and slide on the push nuts onto the studs. Once done, reinstall the spare tire.

Step 5: Behind the tire carrier there is a gate vent. Connect the camera’s connector through this gate vent.

Step 6: then remove the interior panels of the rear gate using a plastic trim removal device.

Step 7: pull in the harness from the rear gate openings and then connect the Chassis Harness to this using wire ties.

Step 8: After that, remove the subwoofer box of the jeep wrangler and pry off the seat belt closeout for the rear seats. Also, remove the rear access panel to reveal the 10 mm bolt and remove it.

Step 9: underneath the subwoofer box, run the chassis harness along with the harness of the jeep. Also, pull back the carpet so you can run the chassis harness forward. Run it under the B-pillar cover until it reaches the door sill of the passenger seat.

Step 10: Remove the push pins and sill plate of the passenger side. At the front, remove the rubber bin insert at the dashboard.

Step 11: it will reveal a 7mm bolt. Remove this. Then also take out the window switch panel and disconnect the harness from its switches.

Step 12: then take out the 7mm bolt you see here.

Step 13: remove the knee bolster at the driver’s seat, take out the 7mm bolts. Then remove the center stack and the glove box. This will let you run the chassis harness to the dahs center.

Step 14: Finally, identify the best location for the camera behind the vehicle. Once you have identified a location, dill a hole and mount the camera by inserting the camera mount.

Step 15: connect the chassis harness to the power harness at the back.

Now your rearview camera for the jeep wrangler is ready for use. This jeep backup camera install method can be done on your own or you could seek the aid of professionals.

Benefits of Backup Camera in Jeep Wrangler

Backup cameras are the perfect tool for making driving easier and safer. In Jeep Wranglers, backing up is a particular hurdle because of the relatively larger size of the vehicle. The driver has to crane his neck to get a clear view behind the vehicle when backing up a large vehicle. If you are wondering ‘does jeep wrangler have a backup camera?’, the answer is yes.

All jeep wranglers have a backup camera because backup cameras have a particular advantage for jeep wranglers. Looking behind from the rearview mirror in a jeep wrangler is a difficult task, and often leaves many blind spots that can cause collision accidents.

A backup camera can give the driver a view of these blind spots so that the driver can easily identify obstacles behind the vehicle. This not only makes backing up jeep wranglers easier but also much safer for both the driver and others.

Things you Want to Know About the Jeep Wrangler

The jeep wrangler is classily designed with some host accessories which give the vehicle a customized look. This vehicle has a very good heating system with a durable interior specially made for weathering elements. Wireless backup camera for jeep wrangler is in a great variety in stores and online.

Wireless backup camera jeep monitor view

It is a naturally rugged vehicle with simple construction and is lightweight. Due to its lightweight and small size, it can be taken to any tight spot. One con that everybody should know is that it has weak acceleration.

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